10X Growth Con 2020: Why would someone go?

10X Growth Con 2020: Why would someone go?

1) Experience

When you attend 10X Growth Con 2020, you get to be around people who are on the same page. There is a real scarcity of people who are thinking at 10X levels.  No matter how hard you try to insulate yourself, most likely, every day you will find yourself in the presence of average think and action.  And as you probably already know, it’s contagious!  When you join us in Las Vegas this coming February, it will be your chance to break away from mediocracy for a weekend and recharge your 10X battery.
This year to enhance the experience there will be meet ups scheduled attendees to network, connect and build relationships.  If you’re in Premier or Diamond there will be private lunches and speaker meet and greets.  VIPs and up will have off site parties in secret locations.
Grant’s goal is to deliver an experience so valuable for you that 10X Growth Con is the annual event you mark down in your calendar, never miss and we created memories for you that will last a lifetime all while keeping you energized, educated and inspired the whole year.

2) Networking

If you’re looking to open up doors and opportunities, 10X Growth Con 2020 is the event you have to be at.  Whether you’re trying to hire someone great, find a great company to work for, or sell a great product, this is the conference for you.
Other people (strangers) have everything you want in life.  So if you can get connected to those people, then you will get. what. you. want.
If you decide to come just to learn and soak in the experience, that’s fine too but where else can you go to get in front of twelve thousand 10X‘ers all at once?   Everyone at this event is looking to do more, be more, and make an impact.
You will build connections that will last for a lifetime.

3) Talent & Content

Grant spends more money on content than any other conference. 10X Growth Con 2020 will not be your typical, average business conference with one big keynote speaker and everyone else just speaking for free.
Grant is going above and beyond this year, spending more than a million dollars on talent, not to mention the performers for the VIP/Diamond parties and event.
What do you not know about building and growing your business?  This is where you finally get the answers…
Previous Speakers have included:  Steve Harvey, Daymond John, John Maxwell, Sarah Blakely, Les Brown, Ed Mylett and Jay Abraham.  Performing at last years event was Snoop Dog, Doug E Fresh and Lil John.
If you’ve been to other events “like this” then you already know you can’t get this anywhere else. And the best part is, you’ll get it all in one place, all in one weekend.

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