5 Lessons From Grant Cardone is Coming to Dubai

Lessons from Grant Cardone

5 Lessons From Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone’s latest Strategy of the Week was basically a press release.  When I first realized that I was a little disappointed at first, but then, within seconds I was reminded of the wise words from the man himself…  “Look for a million dollars in every book.”  OK, challenge accepted!  How much money can I find in this blog?  There’s value in everything, there are lessons everywhere if you’re looking.

As I read the post I started to understand that there are some gold nuggets here because there are some real insights into how Grant Cardone thinks.  Understanding the mindset of the highly successful means you too can have that insight and can start to adapt and shift your thinking to match.

Here’s My 5 Lessons From Grant Cardone:

As I go over these, I would encourage you to go through the Strategy yourself and see what kind ff nuggets and insights you can get for yourself.  What I get verses what you get may be totally different.  The other thing to look at is if we’re looking to change the way we think to that of the even more successful, make sure you give yourself something practical and tangible to do to help with that.  The way you think know if based on what you’ve been taught, things that have happened in your life and the decisions you made about them.  If you’re going to restructure those thoughts, it’s going to take some effort.  You have to unwind a thought and then replace it with a better (stronger) one.

“The more controversy I hear, the more interested I become.”

I love this quote because so often we tend to go with the flow and follow the pack.  Humans for the most part are tribal.  The threat of exile or being ostracized from the group 10,000 years ago meant certain death.  The need to belong is a deep-seated human need and tied to our survival instincts.  So when you break from status quo, an ancient fear kicks in that, in today’s world, fortunately is not an actual threat to your survival.

However, average think and the mediocre mindset have a very powerful gravitational field.  And when you look at the highly successful, they are NOT doing what everyone else is doing.  They literally march to the beat of a different drum.  This should spark interest and curiosity about what’s going on over there.  What are they doing that’s separating them from the pack?  How are they different?  Can I duplicate that level of thinking, action and behavior?

[ACTION IDEA:  Come up with 3 controversial people who have or are changing the world and identify 3 things about them that interest you.]

Every book I’ve written apart from one has been written to solve a business problem that I’ve faced, and I like sharing that. If I could take my business from doing $6m to $160m, it’d be selfish of me not to share how I did that,”

There are actually two lessons from Grant Cardone in here and they are amazing.

First, think of your biggest problem in sales, business or life.  What is it?   Do you have it?  Great.  Now go write a book about it.  Seriously, if you did, don’t you think you’d probably solve your problem along the way?  It’s counter intuitive, I know but, that’s the way this works.  The reality is, it’s NOT solve the problem first, then write the book, rather write the book to solve the problem.

Second, once you have the solution, don’t be selfish and keep it to yourself.  Share it.  If it worked for you, it will work for others.  I know this to be true because in 2002 I stopped smoking cigarettes and journaled my journey.  9 months later, I realized I had a book, so I set a course to edit and organize it and self published in 2010.  See for yourself  True purpose will always be found  in the service of others.

[ACTION IDEA:  Write your book.]

“The winners in any space who are committed to winning will figure out how to use problems to their advantage.”

Right from Sell Or Be Sold.  Massive action creates new problems and problems are opportunities.  Additionally, the only two reasons anyone buys anything is the love it and/or it solves a problem.

So let’s break this one down, because it’s deeper than it looks.

Winners are committed to winning  OK…  Are you?  Committed to winning that is?  What’s the game you’re playing?  How important is winning to you?  How do you feel about being a loser?  Nobody wants that but are you winning?  Turns out that if you’re not first you’re last.  See what I did there?

Seriously though, this is a huge shift in think.

  1. LOSS is a requirement of success:  Look at any successful athlete, doctor, lawyer, business, artist, etc.  They lose more than they win.  Period.
  2. You must LEARN from your loss:  Otherwise it’s a waste.  In MMA they say, winning or learning.  Loss is embraced as opportunity.

Creativity follows commitment.  You must get committed.  Committed to winning and to your goals.  The deeper your commitment, the greater your creativity.  When you have a creative block, it means you may need to step away for a moment, get out of the environment you’re in, open up your POV and recommit to your goal, your dream and to winning.  This will allow the creativity to flow again.  Go back to the successful.  How creative are they in the moment?  Are they committed?

Problems are opportunities.  Look for opportunities to solve problems and you solve them.  If you’re not winning, it’s because you’re not solving problems.  And if you’re not solving problems, you are the problem.

[ACTION IDEA:  1.) How can you get better at embracing loss?  2.) Start at the end.  Look at the end of your life, decade, year, month, day, shift.  How to you want it to end?  Commit to that.  Just for how do you want your day to end.  Go all in on winning TODAY.  See how creative you get.  3.)  Are you the problem?  If so, get to work on embracing loss better and reaffirm your commitment.]

The things that make me frustrated are big companies that become complacent, talented people that become complacent. It reminds me of when I had become complacent because we start to cause problems for one another when we become disinterested and stop reaching for our full potential.

The lesson is this.  When you become complacent, you will start to cause problems because you lost interest and quit reaching for your true potential.

How did you come to believe that it’s even possible to finish?  The freaking universe itself is still expanding.  The Big Bang is still happening.  13 some odd BILLION years later and the universe is still not done with itself.  Still hasn’t reached its true potential…

And someone at some point convinced you to go to school, get a degree, get a good job, save your money, retire in your 60s and then enjoy the “good life” for another 15-20 years and then die.

Meanwhile at any moment, the sun emits about 3.86 x 1026 watts of energy.  The sun is hydrogen, helium, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.  Now, 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.

So, what powers you?  What are YOU capable of?  What is YOUR potential?

[ACTION IDEA:  Let go of your limits.  Seriously, let’s all knock that off.  It’s not helping anyone.]

How do you do that?

These lessons from Grant Cardone boil down to this.  How do you unshackle all this and start living at your true potential?  Well, for starters, you need to get around other people who are of like minds and who will help you, encourage you and lift you up.  And you won’d have to go to Dubai to do that.  Just come to Las Vegas instead.  February 21-23..


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