SUCCESS: The Wednesday Word of the Week #WednesdayWisdom

SUCCESS: The Wednesday Word of the Week #WednesdayWisdom

A couple of things about this word that I want you to think about.  First thing is this is a word that we often take for granted.  This is a word you cannot you cannot take lightly.  You cannot dabble in this word and you cannot you cannot let yourself off the hook when the going gets tough.
When we go to the dictionary, when we go to Webster here what do they tell us?  It is a degree or measure of succeeding (which is a verb, it’s something that you do or have done) and also more importantly a favorable or desired outcome, the attainment of wealth, favor or imminence.  Now the word imminence means a position of prominence or statute.
Now when we go to the history of the word and the origin the root word is succeed.  Succeed also means to come after, to come next, to continue to endure.  So what is happening?

It means that success is not a one-and-done.

It means that you’re never done succeeding.  Success is also a few other things.  Namely these:  your duty, your obligation and your responsibility.  [FREE TRAINING ON HOW TO ENSURE SUCCESS.]

We also have  Grant Cardone’s Success Pledge

“I pledge a commitment to My Success, My Family’s Success and to the Successful Survival of the company I represent.

Success is not an option for me but something I insist!

Success is not something others can give to me, that the government or the economy can provide me.

Success is not determined by luck, chance, race, creed, color or religion but hard work, creativity, follow through and persistence.

I refuse to not have My Success. I refuse to quit prior to My Success and I will do everything ethical in claiming my right to My Success.

My Success is My Duty, My Obligation and My Responsibility.

Exercises in Understanding

  • Why do you think it’s important to put your success ahead of your family’s and your company’s?   [Hint:  If you’re on a plane the plane loses cabin pressure and the oxygen masks drop, you have to put yours on first because if you can’t breathe you can’t do squat for anybody else.]
  • What happens when anything suddenly goes from not being a choice not being an option to something that has to happen?  [Hint:  You need to get to that place where success is not an option.  What do you need to handle in order to get to that place when you think about creating success?]
  • Why is how you attain your success so, so, so important?  [No hints.  Work this out on your own.]
  • Since success is dependent upon hard work, creativity, follow-through and persistence, which one of these do you need to get better at doing?  [Hint:  Which one of these are you not doing enough of?  Take a real inventory of actions your taking associated to each of these.]
  • Have you ever considered that success is also your right?  Why would that be?  Has anyone tried to convince you other wise?  Who was it and why did you believe it?  [No hints.  Dig deep.  You’re worth it.]

The 7 Day Challenge

Every single day for the next seven days I want you to take this pledge.  I would like you to read it out loud first thing in the morning.  Make this part of your morning ritual and then right before bed take it again. It’ll give your subconscious something to do while you sleep.
Then come back to this post right here, right where you found this and I let me know what you got from reading this aloud fourteen times over a seven-day period.
success is your duty grant cardone