How to NOT miss opportunities

how to NOT miss opportunities

How to NOT miss opportunities

Today let’s talk about opportunity.  You must quit passing up opportunities.  There are so many of them you can never truly run out but when you miss them the sting is sharp and it burns.  Are you missing opportunities right now and don’t even know it?

Here are 4 Simple Tips on How to NOT Miss Opportunities:

  1. Never be “Out of Office” with your voicemail or auto-email reply.
  2. Never say NO to opportunity just because you feel tired at the moment.
  3. Live where you can earn (this is a BIG one) .
  4. Say hello to everyone you see—this requires a firm decision on your part.

Let’s look at these 4 tips real quick.

1.) The auto-reply out of the office thing literally screams at people to go somewhere else.  The number one reason people buy is to solve a problem and the number one reason people reach out is for a solution.  You not being there says you can’t help them right now in their time of need and forces them to go somewhere else.  Instead, you should have someone on staff monitor your email while your gone and respond personally if you can’t.

2.)  Classic Cardone-ism for you here.  “Commit first, figure the rest out later.”  Just because you’re not feeing it now doesn’t mean you won’t ever or that you can’t re-stoke your fire.  First of all, as Grant also says, “You’re not a candle.  You can’t burn out.”  Tired?  Sure.  Millionaire yet?  Keep going.  You want to know how to not miss opportunity, say yes to everything until you can afford to say no.

3.)  Can you become a millionaire where you live?  Yes or no?  If the answer is no it’s time to go.  Surround yourself with people you aspire to and learn from because the more you learn, the more you earn.  Your environment and surroundings can and will determine your frame of mind.

4.) 10 foot rule should always be in play.  If you’re within 10 feet of a fellow human, acknowledge their presence at least but what you should really do is start up a conversation.  You literally never know who you’re talking to and what might come from that conversation.  Your problem is that you were taught NOT to talk to strangers.  However, strangers have everything you want…

Speaking of opportunity, here’s something to NOT pass up.

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By the way, Successful people say yes to opportunity even when it takes time and energy. That’s why not everyone is successful, because there is a small price to pay. But the hidden price of saying no to opportunity is far, FAR higher.

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How to NOT miss opportunities