ACTION: The Wednesday Word of the Week #WednesdayWisdom

ACTION: The Wednesday Word of the Week #WednesdayWisdom

Hey there and welcome to the Wednesday Word! I am your host of the Wednesday Word, my name is David Bradley.  Senior Sales and Marketing Manager with Grant Cardone.
So what is happening is every single Wednesday I’m gonna pop up and I’m gonna deliver a different new word of the day and this is a word that you probably already know but maybe you haven’t put any real thought into it.
So let’s put some real thought into some specific words that you can then use and take with you into the next seven days to make your life and your career even better.

The Wednesday Word this week is ACTION

[CLICK HERE FOR LAST WEEK’S] The first thing we’re going do is understand the word.  What is the definition?  What does the word mean?
The Wednesday Word
Let’s also look at the etymology of the word because that’s always fascinated me.  Where did the word originate, come from?
The Wednesday Word
The other thing that I like to refer back to for the word action is this classic Grant Cardone quote which is…

Action is the middle finger to doubt

So, the first thing I’m going to deliver to you, is any time you have any doubt about doing something you’re far better off doing something then not doing something.  We’ll talk about that in a little bit and since we’re defining actions let us talk about the kinds of action now.
In Grant Cardone’s book, Sell Or Be Sold, Grant defines the four kinds of action:
  • There is the right action
  • The wrong action
  • There’s no action
  • Then there is massive action

Now these are just the kinds of action but what are their degrees?

Fast forward two books to The 10X Rule.   This entire book is about massive action in fact that chapter in Sell Or Be Sold stimulated The 10X Rule.  Turns out you can write a whole book on taking massive levels of action. In this book, we discover that there are four degrees of action okay

  • So nothing which produces nothing
  • Then there’s retreat where you actually go backwards
  • There’s normal levels of action and
  • Lastly, there is massive action

Which one of those do you think is the most dangerous?

Normal levels of action will get you in more trouble than any of the others

So just to help drive all of this home just to put sort of the icing on this cake here’s what I want you guys to do this week…
Think about a time where you know for a fact that you could have done more but you made a conscious decision to not.   Think about a time in your life where you didn’t do enough and you know you could have but you didn’t.  Remember it as vividly as you possibly can.
Once you have that time, I want you to really spend some more time on what what was the cost of that?  Like what did that cost you and not just in terms of dollars and cents but like what did that do to your psyche?
When you know you could have done more yet you didn’t get the result and you lost.  What did that cost you?  Not just in terms of money.  What did that do to your spirit?  What did that do your psyche?
Next thing we’re going to do is I want you to think about a time where you were uncertain about doing something and you did it anyway.  You went for it!  You took the risk even though you had some uncertainty.  There was doubt and you literally gave the doubt the proverbial middle finger and you went for it anyway!

What did that do to your psyche???

What did you gain from that?  What was the commission from that behavior?  Again, not just in terms of dollars and cents but what did that do for you?
Hopefully this week you have a goal.  You have targets you are trying to achieve, things you are after and things you want to have.  What’s your plan for that?  Because if you’re going to do, it then let’s just go big, right?  Let’s just take some massive levels of action.
Think about this: The 10X Rule is not just about doing big but it’s about thinking bigger and then creating action to match the thought.
All right, so here’s the plan: take your goal this week, whatever your target is, multiply it by 10 and go for that instead and see what happens.
See how you feel because I promise you if you go for that target that’s way way up here and you come in under it, you’re going to feel a lot better than if you took this itty bitty target and you beat it by a little bit or just hit it.
Either way I want to challenge you to beat your own target this week and not just beat it though but like crush it; smash it into itty-bitty little pieces.  Whatever your targets were, whatever your goals are, go bigger than what you thought.  That’s the old adage right?  Shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you wind up in the stars.
Have an awesome week!  If there’s anything I can do to help, feel free to give me a call 310-777-0352 or fire off an email

Go big or go home!

The Wednesday Word