Grant Cardone on Twitter: How to get rich

Grant Cardone on Twitter

Grant Cardone on Twitter: How to get rich

Too simple?  What’s wrong with simple?  And please, let’s not confuse simple with easy.  If it was easy, everyone would be multi-millionaires already and sailing on a yacht somewhere instead of reading this blog.  Get ripped abs is simple but it is so not easy.

[QUICK ACTION IDEA:  Make a list of 10 things that are simple but not easy.]

Understand this:  Grant says that there are two types of unsuccessful people in business.

A) Those that try something, have a little success, but then abandon what works for greener pastures elsewhere.

B) Those that never even find what works.

If you’re following Grant Cardone on Twitter, you have retweeted this or been one of the likes, but the real question is, what else are you going to do about it?  We know you agree with it, but now what?

When it comes to sales, business, and making big money, we know WORKS and we want to show you what WORKS.  There’s no need to hog or hide this information.  Everyone can have it.  In fact everyone most likely already knows what to do.  The problem is, for many, it’s just too simple and not easy.   Not everyone is willing to pay the price and this is where you can pull ahead in sales, business and making money.

[ACTION IDEA:  Grab a notepad or open a Google Doc and finish the sentence:  If haven’t pulled ahead yet because…]

Once you recognize you already know what to do, then, you can simply repeat it ad infinitum until you reach all of your financial goals.

Remember this:  You won’t get rich because you work for yourself, you’ll get rich by repeating what works.

But what if you actually don’t know what to do?  Or what if you’re operating off of the wrong data?  What if you don’t know what works?  And how are you reinforcing what you know?  How do you continue to improve?

We have 3 major ways we can help you, your sales people and your company get into and stay in a state of continuous development

That’s why your invited to the upcoming 10X Growth Conference—so you can get the strategies and tactics that work.  And if you can’t make that, check out what we’re doing with Cardone University.  What would it be worth to your business to have Grant Cardone training your employees for 20 minutes every day?

Besides the lottery, it’s the only sure way to burst beyond a million, $10 million, and even $100 million.

“Before 10X Growth Conference I had done $2.7 million in sales. Now I’ve taken it to $6.4 million in sales and on track to do $11 million” —Miguel Catellier

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