The Most Important Sale You Will Ever Make

The most important sale

Great salespeople also know that the most important sale they make is to themselves…

They also know that that most important sale needs to cover their product, their service, their offer, themselves, their company, and what they have.  They know they have to keep making the most important sale over and over again.  Great salespeople make the most important sale weekly, if not daily!

Grant Cardone writes his goals down every morning and every night.   STILL!  Why would he, an extremely successful guy still do this?  It’s not like he forgot his goals?  So, why?  Grant, just as much as anyone, needs to stay sold on his purpose, his mission, and his duty.

ACTION IDEA:  Dial in the most important sale in your organization by having a weekly meeting where ALL you discuss is the successes of the organization.   Only talk about business success and client success.  Stay SOLD!

Great salespeople do whatever it takes to stay sold on themselves, the product and the company!  The most important sale you will ever make is the one you make to yourself. The most important sale you can make in your lifetime is not 1000 units of anything, but one unit, you.  The sales you make to yourself about you, your product, your company, and your offering.

To help you make the most important sale every day, Grant has dedicated an entire chapter to it in his game-changing book, Sell Or Be Sold.  To add to that, if you’re not writing your goals and dreams down twice a day, you’re missing out on an opportunity to create even more success for yourself.  To help make building this habit easy, Grant put together his 10X Planner.  If you’re reading this and you have access to Cardone On Demand or Cardone University, go back into the training center and rewatch and test out on the course Grant created called The Most Important Sale.  In those 4 chapters, Grant will show you how to make the single most important sale in your life and how to keep making the most important sale which will ultimately guarantee you a greater level of success and conviction in your life.  This will make you more believable and will also eliminate the up and down syndrome.