Persist and Insist: It’s what the GREATS do

59_Persist and insist

The Great Salespeople are willing to persist and insist in the close

This specific trait of a great salesperson could be one of those make/break points in a salesperson’s career.  Right now, ask yourself, how willing are you to persist and insist in the close?

What do you think it takes to become one of the greatest salespeople, prospectors, negotiators and closers Grant knows?

Ask yourself and your team:

  • How well can you duplicate the information Grant delivers in his books, audio programs, and online trainings?

How to duplicate Grant’s content:

First, you have to understand and be able to duplicate Grant’s material.  Then you must be able to connect it to your purpose and then finally to your product or service.  Once you line these three up, the more you will become willing and able to persist and insist in the close.

Are you able now to stay in a deal and ask for the business 12 times without giving up on your value add proposition or discounting the price?  Do you have multiple ways to handle the price objection or the spouse stall?

Can you persist and insist, not get emotional and stay in a transaction until it’s finished?

Grant’s the first guy to tell you, “Nobody’s born with this.  Nobody has this level of skill when they are born.  They don’t teach it in grade school, they don’t teach it in High School, they will NOT teach it at Harvard.  This has to be learned.”

The GREAT Salespeople are willing to, able to and know how to persist when they’ve been told no 10 times and insist on the close the 11th, 12th time.

This week’s challenge from Grant: Get that GREAT!