How to Get Success Fast

how to get success fast

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  How do you accelerate success?  There’s a simple secret that you can use to get success fast.  What if you only had $7?  How fast could you turn it into $280 million?  What would be the one thing that would make the difference and rapidly multiple that $7?

All highly successful people, all professionals that operate at the top of their fields—the masters—are all consistent.  Great salespeople are consistent, great real-estate people are consistent, great investors are consistent, and great athletes are consistent.

If you want to get success fast, you have to get consistent. I once asked a golf pro what it would take to fix my golf game and he said all I needed to do was get consistent.  He said with every club I have, get consistent.  Same club, same swing—different club, different swing, it doesn’t matter just be consistent.

The masters do the same things over and over again.

The Rock knows what I’m talking about:  “Success isn’t always about greatness.” He says, “It’s about consistency.”

Do you know one thing that’s consistent in life?  Rent.  The idea that “rent is due” goes beyond just money—every day you have “rent due” if you want to maintain your health by eating right and exercising, maintain a relationship by putting forth energy and effort, or maintain and grow your success in life.

Long before Dwayne Johnson was blowing up on the big screen in Fast and Furious, he was evicted.  He was 14 years-old living in Hawaii at the time with his mom who was cleaning hotel rooms, and she couldn’t cover the $180 weekly rent.  The rent was due, and there was not enough dough.

Personally speaking, I also know what it’s like to be broke and not have funds to cover rent.  At one time in my twenties, I couldn’t even cover the $280 rent in my small brick duplex.

So, how did both I and the Rock become millionaires many times over?

The Rock is one of, if not the highest paid actor in Hollywood.  But back when he was younger, before all the millions, he started saying “rent’s due” as a personal motivator to hit the gym and workout.  He followed the examples of all the successful men he know.  They all built their bodies.

I’ve said in the past that if your biceps are bigger than your bank account, you’ve got a problem.  The Rock has big guns, but now he’s got an even bigger bank account.

An injury derailed his NFL dream, so after college, he became broke and jobless. On the way to live with his dad, he emptied his pockets and found just seven dollars (hence his company’s name: 7 Bucks Productions).

Remember:  Rent is always due.  Whether you have $7 or $700 million.

To pay rent you need cash flow.  I want to help all the young Rocks out there today get their money right.  Maybe you’ve never been evicted, but you’re going to have rent due from now until the end of time.

The Rock didn’t go from homeless to international movie star because he wished it, hoped for it, or dreamed about it.  He put in the work.  Because the rent on success is due every single day.

It’s like a beautiful lawn or garden, no matter how green it gets or beautiful the flowers, you must continue to tend it.  If you quit mowing, edging, trimming, watering, and planting, it’ll fade and deteriorate until it ceases to exist.

This is why your RENT IS DUE TODAY.  The secret to paying your rent—in any area of life (financial, health, relationships) is to get consistent.

This is an incredible truth about all successful people.

There is a lady I know who is a highly successful person but I got to know her when she wasn’t so successful.

She was a waitress in La Jolla, CA and she wanted to quit being a waitress and build her career.

As a waitress, people visiting town were always asking her for directions and she went out and built this business based on people asking her questions every day.

She built a map guide for the tourists and sold advertising to the merchants.  She came to me and asked to know how she could know for sure—for SURE—that she would be successful…

get success fast