Grant’s blueprint to increase income

blueprint to increase income

Grant’s blueprint to increase income

MEMO FROM YOUR UNCLE G:  Let me ask you something, do you hate on money? (Think you don’t? Read below)

This is for those who say money isn’t important, who simply go to work without attention on money.  To all those who quit a job to start a business…  Not because they wanted to make money but because they didn’t want a job.

This is for all those people out there that have given up on money…  This is for all those out there that don’t do enough to earn money…  And for those who hate on money, I hope you hate this message, but don’t hate on me!

Money is important.  Money is vital.

And if you don’t have money it’s because you’re either lazy or selfish.  Sorry, but you’re not willing to invest in yourself to get the tools you need to grow your income.  And shame on you and anyone that tells you money is not important.

You’re either trying to get more money or you’re a quitter.

When you quit thinking so much about how you feel, how you look, what you hate doing, your issues, your deficiencies, your upbringing and your special situation you will have a chance to create the success your life deserves.

I hear people say, “I don’t care about success” or angrily blurt, “I don’t need to make money” or “I don’t like sales.”  Again, why is it always about what YOU want, what YOU don’t like and how YOU feel?

You might not care about success, but life demands it to thrive.

Your feelings will not feed your kids, care for your parents, grow your marriage, community, business or fulfill your life purpose.

Life is difficult, so quit being so selfish and go out and create the success you deserve despite your feelings so your life can survive danger and hardship.

If things don’t go right, you gotta push harder.  You gotta spend money that you didn’t think you were going to spend.  Your family needs you to do it. Your community needs you to do it.

And YOU need to do it for yourself.  Here is your blueprint to increase income…

blueprint to increase income