How Grant Cardone Made Millions

how Grant Cardone made millions

How Grant Cardone Made Millions

Do you know how Grant Cardone made millions?  One thing we can guarantee you is that it didn’t happen by Grant just sitting around and waiting for something to happen.  He went out and did something.  He went out and took massive 10X levels of action.

And of course that has been one tool that has helped Grant every step of the way.  So much so that that tool is actually referred to by Grant as a weapon.  That tool?  The phone.

When Alexander Graham Bell spoke into a telephone on March 10, 1876. He simply said, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.” Short and to the point. The primary purpose of the phone wasn’t created for the purpose of conversation.

Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone to save time.

Fast forward over 100 years and Grant was cold calling companies in person. He would travel to a city, fly in, rent a hotel, rent a car, spend two weeks in San Antonio, two weeks in Salt Lake City, two weeks in Ft. Lauderdale, two weeks in Indianapolis etc. calling on business owners door-to-door. It took a lot of time.

After a while of traveling across the country cold calling door to door, Grant realized the primary reason the phone was created was not to make conversation, it was to save time and be able to communicate to people at a distance. The phone was made to have people do something for you without having to walk through the house, through the hall, across the estate, go across town, or across the country.

So, while there are many benefits to cold calling over the phone…

Saving time is at the top of the list

Because after all, time is money.  Even now, asking how Grant Cardone made millions, it’s on the phone.  It takes time and energy to go someplace to talk to someone. Using your phone saves you time and resources. It’s very cost effective—about 6x more than direct mail or advertising.

All the most successful organizations in the world use cold calls with phones to grow their business, and you should too. That means you have to pick up the phone and make the call!  And if you don’t know how, we got you covered…

how Grant Cardone made millions