Sales Training for Gym Owners

Gym Owner up 30% in 6 weeks with Grant Cardone Sales Training and Cardone University


Sales Training for Gym Owners. If your gym is not doing the amount of business you know you’re capable of we’d like to show you the exact process Core Capacity implemented to increase sales 30% in 6 weeks and get the business solvent again.

Sales Training for Gym Owners

Another gym, Live Free Crossfit used Cardone University to get their entire staff on the same page by sticking to a daily training and weekly meeting routine.  This is the first time Live Free is seeing the entire team committed to the vision of the company.  The sales team is now producing even more results and they are now able to hit targets at a much faster pace.  Cardone University is helping Live Free move towards the direction they want to be heading towards at a much faster rate. There have been staff members who were introverted and laid back prior to Cardone University.  Now they have become more involved and active with their communication and levels of activity.

Our whole staff is pumped up, excited, obsessed, appreciative, and grateful. Thank you!”
– Ben Azadi

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