What’s the difference between selling, negotiating and closing?

selling, negotiating and closing

The GREAT Salespeople know the difference between selling, negotiating and closing!

These three are completely different arts!  The average and good salespeople consider them all one in the same because they don’t know the difference.  They blend them all together and see them as the same thing.

These three arts are skills.  They are completely different and should be approached and trained on differently.

Just because you can use a hammer doesn’t mean you can use a drill.”  -Grant Cardone

Just because a salesperson can do a brilliant presentation, doesn’t mean they can close the deal. 

GREAT salespeople will study these three arts and sciences separately.

  • Negotiating: is making sense of something. It’s coming to an agreement on something, NOT discounting it.  
  • Selling:  is showing the product or service and why it’s valuable.  It’s presenting the proposition
  • Closing:  is making a decision to take action.  It’s finalizing the deal.  It’s “let’s do this, sign right here, lean on the pen, let’s roll.” and then dealing with, handling all the emotional stuff and uncertainty that comes with making a decision.  

Now, if you don’t clearly know the difference, that’s actually a good thing because now you know and now you can move even deeper into GREATNESS.  Master these three completely different skill sets.

CHALLENGE:  This week, look at and examine how you train and practice these separate skills.  If you’re not already, make sure you set aside time each week, if not daily to practice, drill and rehearse selling, negotiating and closing.

All the fuel and ammo you need to do this successfully will be found inside Cardone On Demand and Cardone University.  And if you don’t have that, what are you using?  Because you need to do something…