How to Set Goals to Solve Problems

How to Set Goals to Solve Problems

In the next 8 minutes and 34 seconds, Grant Cardone is going to talk about how to set goals to solve problems.  He’s going to give you a strategy for setting goals that’s one of those things that once you learn and implement it, you find your self wishing you had this awareness all along.  Grant will then show you exactly what you need to do with your goals to escape average, middle class thinking.  There’s one little tweak you can do that will quite literally change everything for you.


First, make a list of the problems you have right now.  These are the problems that you feel might be holding you back.  Maybe you already know they’re holding you back.  List them out and write down how they are in the way.

Second, take a look at what you know you’re truly capable of.  Write down what you know you can do.  For example, if you’re in sales, what kind of numbers do you KNOW you can do.

HINT:  It’s not what you’re doing now, the correct number is the one you’re afraid to write down, it’s the number that seems just out of reach.  The correct number is the one that as soon as you think of it, your brain starts firing off all sorts of garbage about why it’s not possible.  That’s the number.

Finally, before you watch How To Set Goals To Solve Problems take one minute to look at how you set goals now.  I mean, do you even set goals?  If you do, how often do you do and what do they look like in terms of size, time, conditions.  How do they motivate and inspire you?


TAKE NOTES!!!  Take a lot of notes!!!


  1. Compare Grant’s childhood lessons about money with the lessons you were taught.
  2. How have these financial thought patterns limited you and your growth?
  3. What do you worry about right now?
  4. List out all the little problems your attention is on right now
  5. What kind of goals can you set that would obliterate these problems?
  6. Create an action plan you can you do to rid yourself of these problems.

How to Set Goals to Solve Problems:  Next Steps

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