The Three Kinds Of Drivers: Which One Are You?

The Three Kinds Of Drivers: Which One Are You?

MEMO FROM YOUR UNCLE G:  I admit it, I like to drive fast.  I’m not reckless — I don’t get in wrecks or cause wrecks — but when there is open road in front of me, I like to step on the gas.

When I’m driving behind someone slow, I want to get around them. Who doesn’t, right?

I got pulled over recently, but before I get to that, think about this:

Most people drive similar to how they live.

#1.  The Slow Lane:  These are people who aren’t in a hurry because they’ve got nothing to do and nowhere to be. They are wasting time.

They are the ones criticizing the “maniacs” for driving too fast. “It’s the journey, not the destination”, they tell others, even though in truth they have no destination worth going to right now.

Fear often characterizes this person.

People in the slow lane are often in retreat mode, downsizing, contracting, and being overly cautious.

When you go slow in anything, it’s because you don’t have the confidence to go fast. The truth is that slow lane people don’t speed things up because a fear of “getting out of control”.

#2.  The Speed Limit:  These are the people who play by the rules. If you always play by the agreed upon norms in society, you’ll never get ahead and never be massively successful.

These people work from 9 to 5 and never consider pushing for more. And working weekends? Forget it, that’s for the “maniacs”.

Boundaries often characterize this person.

People going the speed limit are average. They compare themselves to drivers in the slow lane and think they’re doing good, but the truth is they aren’t getting ahead, they’re still getting passed by.

The Fast Lane:  There’s a reason movies like the Fast and Furious are so popular — inwardly many want to take their car, and life, to another level. I’m talking about pushing the boundaries — because if you’re not first, you’re last.

Driven characterizes this person.

Never play by the agreed upon norms of your industry. Create new ways to do things. Go above and beyond what others do, and even do what others refuse to do — because the road to success requires it.

Big wins require you to step on the gas, change lanes, and to get around those slowing you down.

  • What drives you?
  • Are you driving to a destination?
  • Are you in the fast lane?

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