How to avoid being average in three moves

How to avoid being average

Great salespeople invest in their education, development and personal motivation

How to avoid being average?  If you want to know how to avoid being average, it’s simple; education, development and personal motivation.  These are the tools of your craft and the tools of your trade.  Do you want to be excited everyday and show up to work on purpose or would you rather just arrive on time (barely) and just see what happens?  Do you want to be fully educated?  How would you like to know more than anyone else?  Would you have a competitive advantage if you did?  Would you have even more confidence?

SCARY FACT:  The average salesperson has never read one book on selling…  They don’t stay connected to their industry and they don’t look for constant ways to improve.

The GREAT Salespeople continue to educate themselves, continue to motivate themselves and continue to seek the edge.

While the basics of your business and industry may not change, the GREATS know that there’s always a better way to do things, a faster way to do things, a more effective way to do things and that’s what they’re looking for.

Great salespeople invest in their education, development and personal motivation

The GREATS know that education is vital to their survival.  Their mental, their physical state, their spiritual and emotional state are vital to staying ahead of the curve, getting and keeping that competitive edge.

How to avoid being average with 3 tips:

1.  Write your goals down every morning and every evening.  Grant’s been doing this from the beginning and look where it got him!  Amazing how a little habit can propel you to something GREAT!  The 10X Planner is perfect for this.  This is the first step to escaping average.

2.  Spend 20 – 30 minutes every morning working on motivational training and drilling.  Find me a GREAT anything…  Doctor, athlete, soldier, lawyer, actor, musician, and yes sales professional and they all practice their craft every single day.  Are you?  What would happen to your career if you committed to 6 segments a day from CARDONE ON DEMAND or CARDONE UNIVERSITY?

3.  Debrief sales situations to isolate what was effective and what you could have done better.   Martial Artists and boxers do this after a match.  They look at what worked and where’s the room for growth.  Imagine if you started doing this?  Using material like Grant’s book The Closer’s Survival Guide will give you the ammo you need to learn and grow from your experiences.   Also, if you’re interested in a free client interaction debrief worksheet send an email to and mention this post.

How to avoid being average