What GREAT Salespeople invest in

Great salespeople invest in

Great salespeople invest in making themselves known

What’s your biggest problem in sales and selling?  Obscurity, right?  This is the ultimate problem.

The GREAT salespeople know that while having a full command of selling and closing is critical, their biggest problem is obscurity.

The more attention you can get, the more people who know you (whether they like you or not) the more successful you can become.

Great salespeople invest in making themselves known

The GREATS know that it’s about attention, it’s about first making yourself known in the marketplace and then having the skillsets of knowing how to sell, close and negotiate.

Get people to love you, stay with you and follow you but first, they have to know who you are, that’s the first problem

The GREATS know that people buy from people that they know and like.

But that can’t happen if you’re not investing in making yourself known.

Great salespeople invest in making themselves known

Circles to travel in:

  • Multi-level marketing
  • PTA
  • Community Events
  • Politics
  • Church
  • Neighborhoods

Consider all the things your family says not to talk about and get involved in…  go ahead and talk about it and get involved.   Use these groups as tools to get attention, get your message out and become known.  You can’t afford to fly under the radar.  If you were taught to fly under the radar, chuck the idea or you will never have a shot at truly being GREAT.

What are you doing to get and stay out of obscurity?  For real strategies on getting out of obscurity and making sure you’re getting know, check out two of Grant’s books.  If You’re Not First You’re Last will give you a real path to getting known, prospecting for new (and old) business and The 10X Rule will add fuel to that fire.  You can also stream both inside Cardone On Demand and Cardone University.  Make sure you’re doing something everyday to get attention and stay out of obscurity.