How to build value rather than discount price

build value rather than discount

 Great salespeople build value.  They don’t discount price.

For the GREAT Salespeople, a price objection doesn’t mean lower the price, a price objection means build more value.

Giving away profit doesn’t make your product or service work any better nor does it actually help the client make a decision.

This is not what GREAT Salespeople do.

GREAT Salespeople build value rather than discount the price

The average salesperson or sales manager who is  unprepared and untrained has to discount the price because they don’t understand that price is a myth.

The GREAT salespeople build value and solve problems.  They don’t just give money away.

The GREAT salespeople know and believe that if the customer didn’t want to spend money with them, they wouldn’t have sat down in the first place.

Your client wants to get something and if the GREATS know that.

The GREAT Salespeople have completely disconnected from price as a way to get somebody to make a decision.

GREAT Salespeople build value rather than discount the price

Great salespeople show the client why the product is actually worth 10 times the asking price or why it will save them more than it actually costs.  The GREAT Salespeople show the buyer why and how it solves their problem.

The next time you encounter a price objection, Grant suggests this:

“Sir I don’t have any more money to give you.  The only way we’re going to figure this out is if I build value.   And when value exceeds price, sir, price is no longer the issue and we’ll do this deal.”

CHALLENGE:  How clear are you on The Price Myth?  Let’s get you crystal clear on that.  Today, whether it’s through Cardone On Demand, Cardone University or Sell Or Be Sold spend ten to twenty minutes reviewing The Price Myth.  This is one of those basic fundamentals that you can’t review enough.  Having full understanding of The Price Myth is as important to a salesperson as endurance is to a marathon runner.

Remember, BE GREAT…  because nothing else pays!