A simple formula for confidence (that works)

formula for confidence

The Formula for Confidence

There is a simple formula for confidence that works and that anybody can do… including you.  Let’s list them off first and then break it down.

  1. Commit
  2. Learn

Commit + Learn = Confidence

Step one is to commit.  Any thing you have ever accomplished first started with a commitment.  Think about your last big win.  Could have been a sale you made or a goal you set or something else.  But whatever it was, you committed to making it happen.  In your mind, something clicked, something snapped and you committed.  “This IS happening.”  you thought to yourself,  “This isn’t a matter of if, it’s a matter or when.”

What happens next?

Step two is you learn.  The athletic community, especially MMA has a great way of looking at loss and failure.  Confidence in a fight is essential.  You literally will get your @$$ handed to you if you go into a fight lacking full confidence.  Ironically, you very well may get your @$$ handed to you anyway.  So how do you bounce back from that and step back in the cage after a loss?  It’s simple.  Remove the loss.

I never lose. I either win or I learn.”  -Nelson Mandela

The Hard Question

Once you’ve made your commitment, you must ask yourself, “what do I NOT know about fulfilling my commitment?”  If you don’t know how, you can’t and you won’t.  You must learn how to execute on your plan.

Let’s go back to that target you committed to.  Think about what you know about hitting that target already.  And even if you think that’s enough, take a real moment and ask yourself what you don’t know about hitting that target?

Experience is the great teacher

You can have an experience or you can create one.  In MMA, getting into the octagon for a sanctioned fight is having an experience.  Sparing with your team mates is creating an experience.  You don’t have to wait for the real thing to learn from experience.


This is why salespeople quit and turnover so often.  How much potential has come in to your company only to blow out in 90 days.  Think about this for them.  They committed to you and you hired them but how much did they learn?  Did they only have real life experience or did we help them create experience to learn from in the form of training, coaching, practice and role-play?

Because under pressure, no one rises up.  No one.  They only sink to the level of their training.  So is your training next level?  Is it a process and experience designed to take any salesperson to their next level?  If they are new, let’s set them up right.  If they’re good let’s make them great.  And if they’re great, let’s turn them into ROCKSTARS!

There’s a way to do this effectively and efficiently

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