Immediate Confidence Boost

immediate confidence boost

Immediate Confidence Boost

Did you know your cell phone can literally be the single most impactful tool that you have at your disposal?  At some point, in your life, you will need to call someone you don’t know to get something you want.

If there was someone who has had massive success on the phone that could show you how to succeed on the phone, would you want to know what they do and how they do it?

There are things you’re not doing that if you were you could…

  • double your close rate
  • start getting past the gatekeeper every time.
  • finally know what to do when you hear an objection
  • hit your income targets selling on the phone
  • ask the questions to get you an appointment

There is no way around the fact that if you want to be successful in life at some point in time whether you like it or not you will be required to make a cold call.

Now, here’s your immediate confidence boost.  Knowledge.  Knowing what you’re doing is the key to confidence.  Knowing what to do, how to do it and how/when to correct course on the fly.  There are two ways to get knowledge.  Study and experience.

Hacking the immediate confidence boost

Getting better on the phone (or at anything) will require having even more confidence which comes from knowing what you’re doing.  To “hack” this, you can study the experience of someone who’s already been successful and then create experiences to learn from.  This will compress the time it takes to learn and gain knowledge.  The other “hack” is make sure real experiences are debriefed.  Knowing what you did right and where it went wrong are vital to compressing the learning curve and getting the immediate confidence boost that comes from knowledge.

These Three Daily Habits = Immediate Confidence Boost

  1. Study the successful actions of others
  2. Practice the behavior (role-play)
  3. Debrief real life experiences

These three daily habits will get you even more confidence.  In fact there’s really no other way to do this.  Many will look for short cuts and ways to skip these steps.  Some may help for a time being, but they are really just masking the symptom.  If you want the result, you must put in the work.

Enter Cardone University

The number one reason you won’t sign up for Cardone University is because you don’t think either you and/or your salespeople will follow through with it and use the training.  And that is usually based on a previous loss you had with not doing something you said you were going to do.

So now that that is out in the open, the good news is, we have a solution to that which will require some work and effort on your part.  We have a process the works and when it’s followed, gets results.  There’s even more good news here.  We know how to get the process followed consistently too…

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