Do you celebrate your clients?

Do you celebrate your clients?

If you’re at Grant Cardone’s office at 9:05 in the morning you will witness a time tested and fine tuned daily ritual.  The entire team meets and has what we like to call a good news only sales meeting.

Why?  Well, in order for any company to stay in business they must generate revenue and cash flow.  That revenue comes from sales.  If you’re not selling and generating profit, you’re out of business.  Period.  Consequently, every employee then is helping and participating in some part of the sales process which makes everyone part of the sales team.  Make sense?

And in Grant’s companies, we help people and small business up to Fortune 500 companies increase their sales and profits while lowering costs and expanding market share.

This means that in order for us to succeed, our clients must succeed as well.

Part of this 9:05 meeting includes actual and recent success stories from our clients.  Who’s winning and how are they doing.  The video above will show you an example of what we mean when we say celebrate your clients.

This has an effect on the entire team.  Good news only sales meetings keeps the team on purpose and focused.

73% of employees at any given time are disengaged at work.  Meaning their body is at work but the mind and spirit are simply somewhere else.  Good news only meetings where you celebrate your clients helps keep everyone on mission and engaged working for a greater purpose than a paycheck.

Create a culture of excellence

How do go about creating a culture of excellence?  And not just for your traditional sales people.  Remember, we’ve established now that everyone at some level is part of the sales team.  Over Grant’s 30 years in business, working with and developing sales teams and sales culture, we have identified 4 key components essential to creating a culture of excellence.  Excellence in a company is a recipe.  There are specific ingredients that when mixed together and allowed to cook for a set time can increase sales volume and profit.  This recipe also reduces costs and expands market share.

Leveraged appropriately, we’ve seen clients actually lower their advertising budget while increasing traffic to their website and/or store front.  We also have been able to reduce turnover which is one of the most unaddressed and costly elements in a company.  So it’s not just about doubling a company’s sales in 18 months like we did in the above video.  It’s about helping to find and identify the missed opportunity and putting a plan in play to move the bar and get the team to that next level.

Would you like to know the recipe?

Would you like to know, in addition to “celebrate your clients” the rest of the formula?  Would it be a bad idea if we showed you exactly how we’ve built our sales culture and been able to duplicate it in companies all over the world?  Because if that’s the case, we offer a complementary consultation on creating a culture of excellence.  This is what the greats do.  If you’re already great, then we know you’re looking for your next level.  This approach will get you there.

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