Winner or Loser

winner or loser

Quick story from Uncle G:  Every 4 years the Olympics happen, and oftentimes all that separates the best runners or swimmers in the world are 1/100 of a second.

Yet, the person who is 1/100 of a second faster gets ALL of the gold medal.  It doesn’t matter if you barely lost, you LOST.

It’s the same in business.

You and 5 of your competitors might pitch a person, but only ONE of you will close the deal.  You don’t have to be WAY BETTER than the competition.

In the Olympics, 1/100 of a second separates winners from losers.  The same goes for the marketplace where being slightly better than the competition can win you the deal.  The difference between a winner or loser could be one phone call, one text, or even one word at the right moment in a meeting.

And just as they don’t share the gold medal, you too get to keep the whole deal when you close a client.

This goes the same way in other areas of life. 10 applicants go for a job, only one gets it, 3 guys try and marry the same girl, only one dude wins, 15 people bid for something on eBay and only one person gets the product.

What are you going to be? Will you be a winner or loser?

To be frank, Cardone University is what separates many winners from losers because it gives you a winning edge in the marketplace.

Remember, in the Olympics all that separates the Gold medal winner from a 4th place finisher is LESS THAN A SECOND.

If you want to get your finances right, if you want to dominate in the market, if you want to succeed as a leader, oftentimes all it takes is slight adjustments to what you’re already doing and you’ll see HUGE results.

Let Cardone University help you start WINNING financially.  What about your employees?  Your sales team?  Do you want to see your people lose?  What happens when your people lose?  Cardone University couple literally be that slight adjustment your sales team needs to win gold in your marketplace.

winner or loser Grant Cardone