Ways a Business Loses Sales: These 5 are totally stupid too

 Ways a Business Loses Sales

5 Stupid Ways a Business Loses Sales

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE — 2017 is going down as the year retailers are going bankrupt. Toys R Us, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Apparel, RadioShack, Payless, and hhgregg are just a few of the names going under. The retail bloodbath is going to continue. It doesn’t necessarily need to continue, but it will because these businesses refuse to learn to sell. Here are 5 typical ways a business loses sales…  EASY sales:


The salesperson is rude or condescending—42% of customers will go elsewhere over a rude staff.  I’m not just talking about salespeople, everyone in an organization has the potential to have contact with customers and be rude and condescending. Someone comes to the showroom and people don’t even tell him hi.

If you come to my office in Miami my staff will greet you. If any of my staff didn’t greet you they’d be fired on the spot. Can you imagine going to a party, walking in and nobody even acknowledges that you’re there?  That would be rude.  A lot of people don’t realize they are condescending—maybe because there’s no awareness of your obligation to provide customer service.

You know what condescending is, right?

“Sir, the number is on the website”

“It says it right there in the contract”

“Did you download it?  It’s right there”

“The warranty is in your glove box”

Really you’re just saying “You’re stupid”.  You can’t afford to lose customers over rudeness and condescending attitudes.  Rude and condescending communication should never be allowed.  Have zero tolerance for it.  Have also a commitment for no negativity in the office.  Your culture should have no negativity, no gossip, and no criticizing of customers.

Where there is no demand, there is no value.  When customers want something from you, there is a way to exchange value with them.  Complaints and problems are opportunities.  If the customer is ridiculous, even impossible, still try and make it happen.  That’s when you start becoming positive and empathetic.  You start saying things like “I understand”, “I’m with you”“I agree”“You deserve it”, and “I want to solve that for you”. Commit first and handle it later!

 Ways a Business Loses Sales