Sales Objections: Handling Just Looking

Sales Objections: Handling Just Looking

Sales Objections: Handling Just Looking

Millions of people every single day are saying, “I’m just looking.”  Causing retailers to lose a ton of revenue because nobody knows how to respond to this.

Most small businesses will just say, “OK, let me know if you have any questions”, and then wonder why they never make a sale from this customer.

The thing is, EVERYBODY does this.  Imagine you, walking into a store with the full intention to make a purchase a gift for your spouse.  A salesperson quickly approaches and you before you even know what’s happening quickly and mindlessly spout, “I’m just looking,” and wave them off.

Sales Objections: Handling Just Looking

I do this and I’m IN sales.  I do this and I teach people how to handle this!!!

In some cases, maybe you are just looking because you want some more information before you make a decision, you’ll have a question or two, or maybe you not even 100% yet on what you want.  But one this is certain,  you don’t want to be pressured by someone.

Millions of people in retail showrooms around the world today are telling salespeople “I’m just looking.”  It is a reactionary defense response. It’s an automatic response we make.  Most likely due to one or more previous bad experiences with salespeople.

An untrained salesperson will leave the customer alone which will likely result in not getting not the sales process and consequently, NOT selling them anything.   If you’re in sales or customer service, you need to understand that, “I’m just looking,” is actually a really good sign.  It means they are looking!  Which also means they have some level of interest in what you have.

It also means that if you don’t handle it correctly, then that’s all that’s going to happen.  They’ll just look, thank you or your time and leave empty handed.  This is costing you and your company millions.

Sales Objections: Handling Just Looking | The top 3 ways

  1. “Excellent!  Thank you for coming here to look, we have a great selection of products to choose from, what are you most interested in looking at?”
  2. “No problem as all, some of our very best customers do the same thing. My name’s David, and yours?”
  3. “That’s why we display all our products, so you can see what we have—where would you like to start?  Are you looking to go larger or smaller than what you have now?”

There are dozens of more great responses for you on this specific response alone inside Cardone University…   Getting a handle on this and getting more people into the sales process is how you will grow your income.  Is that important to you, growing your income?

Sales Objections: Handling Just Looking

But if you’re going to grow your income, you need to INVEST in yourself and one of the ways you can do that is through Cardone University.

Managers and salespeople, if you’re tired of missing sales and your bank account isn’t as full as you wish it were, it’s because you don’t know something.

  • Salespeople, you need to what to say and have a process that gets you in the game.
  • Managers, you need a way to not only motivate but transfer your skill to your people.

We want to give you the most advanced sales and marketing tactics in the world to grow your business, but we can’t do that until you make an honest commitment to getting better, deal?

Unfortunately, many people will skip over this message and keep living life missing extra sales and never truly 10Xing their income.  And if you’ve made it this far, I have a feeling you aren’t one of those people, but something might be holding you back—perhaps a fear of the unknown?

Grant says, to change you got to change.  And nothing good EVER happens inside your comfort zone.   Let’s commit to growing your income and business and let’s start by getting you in front of Cardone University so you can “just look” at what that program is capable of doing for you and your sales team.

Sales Objections: Handling Just Looking