How do you handle “not interested”

How do you handle “not interested”

How do you handle "not interested"On a cold call, has anyone ever told you they’re not interested?  What about in a retail setting?  If you’re in retail, you’re probably hearing “just looking.”  It’s basically the same thing.  And if you’re not hearing this multiple times a day, it could be an indicator that you’re not taking enough action.

So, if you’re hearing it everyday, how do you handle “not interested” when you hear it?  Because if you don’t have a plan and a set response those two little words can stop you dead in your tracks.

Why do you think so many people struggle with selling?

More often than not it’s because they don’t have the know-how to handle objections like “not interested” and “just looking”.   It’s discouraging when you can’t even get off the starting block and nobody is going to keep doing something they’re not good at and can’t figure out.

The reality is whether you’re in retail, door to door, over the phone, business to business, or over email, every person selling something will face objections from prospects.

The difference between the people that make money and the people that don’t make money is simply found in how well objections are handled in the sales process. Those that make BIG money are prepared to answer every objection they hear, including the commons like “not interested” and “just looking.”

The solution for anyone looking for more sales (and more money!) is to get a handle on answering objections!

How do you handle “not interested”

What if it turned out that there was a formula for handling objections?  And what if also turned out that there’s actually a very finite amount of objections?  So once you dial in on the formula and then understand the types or categories of objections, then handling ANY objections suddenly becomes simple and doable.

There are two reasons you’re struggling right now.  

  1. Perception:  You’re looking at it the wrong way.
  2. Process:  How you’re handling it is out.

Here’s one example of how Grant answers the question, how do you handle “not interested.”

Objections while you prospect (Door or Phone)

  • Objection you hear: “Not interested.
  • Your response: Acknowledge the objection. “I hear that you are not interested and I understand. I take full responsibility for that.
  • Isolate further: “Other than you not being interested, is there any other reason that would keep you from giving me a couple minutes of your time?
  • Validate the objection or discount the objection: “The fact that you don’t think your interested wouldn’t keep you from at least giving me a shot would it?

If No —-> Transition to Qualifying your prospect.

If Yes —-> Transition to Probing

  • Probe: “Why is that?” or “When you say that what do you mean?
  • Tie Down: “Assuming that I could show you how I can improve your current situation, could you make 3 minutes for me now?

If Yes —-> Transition to elevator pitch or give your value proposition.

Knowing how to answer when someone says they aren’t interested is the difference between losing a sale and making money. Handling this gets you into the sales process and into qualifying.  But in order for that to happen, you must be able to isolate objections and handle them before going further into the sales process.

Grant has a program that he’s outlined with over 100 ways to handle these objections that are putting the breaks on your sales process.  We also have this laid out in full video with a workbook and testing.  Master this course and know that handling objections will no longer be your problem.

Interested?  (see what I did there?)

This course and is available inside Cardone University right now.  If you’re on Cardone U right now and having a hard time with objections in the greeting and need to know exactly where to go to access this material, call me at 310-777-0352 and I’ll show you where to go.  If you’re considering getting on the program for either you or your team, I’m happy to get you on a free trial and lastly of you just want this course, call me up and I’m happy to take care of you personally.