The Dangers of Making Sense of Failure

The Dangers of Making Sense of Failure

Here’s a clip from one of our Bootcamps with Grant talking about the one thing that separates just getting by from hitting it BIG TIME!

He then gets into the dangers of making sense of failure.  This could make for a great manager meeting or sales meeting with your team.

Here’s a Successful Sales Meeting Formula:

  1. Watch Making Sense of Failure video together as a team
  2. Have A Short Guided Discussion
  3. Finish with a practical application, practice or role-play

Questions for the Guided Discussion:

  1. When was the last time you lost a deal?  On a scale from 1-10, rate your level of preparation for that client.
  2. Did you make sense of the failure, blame someone or something else or take full responsibility (be honest)?
  3. Isolate where the sale broke down.
  4. What was the objection that stopped the sale
  5. Come up with 3 ways you could have handled it better.  Get closing material from Cardone University or Closer’s Survival Guide

Ideas For Practical Application, Practice and Role-Play

  • Take the 3 closes/handlings that would have helped and practice them with a partner for 10 minutes then switch and practice your partner’s three.

The value of role-play is it allows you to not have to practice on a customer.  We all learn from experience, but training under live fire is dangerous and in sales incredibly expensive.  Work out your technique before putting into play.

Now, if this message is resonating with you…

There is a simple 4-step proprietary process for effectively working out your salespeople and training them to hit it BIG instead of just getting by.  This simple, but not always easy process, is not for everyone.

However, for those of you who are in management and who have a team:

  • Do you want to see your people fail?
  • Are you satisfied with where you’re at?
  • Would you be opposed to trying the 4-steps for 7 days?

Making Sense of Failure