Grant Cardone Live: Closing Facts

Grant Cardone Live: Closing Facts

Grant Cardone Live: Closing Facts.  Here are 20 Closing Tips that will ensure you operate at the very top of your sales game.  This is Grant Cardone live on Facebook delivering twenty powerful closing strategies.  He will also show you the methodology and mindset behind these strategies.  Additionally, Grant reveals information in this stream that has never been shared for free.

How to use this free training:

Do NOT just watch Grant Cardone Live:  Closing Facts.  If all you plan on doing is just watching this, forget about it and move on.  The real way to get something out of this is to…

  1. Take copious amounts of notes.
  2. Watch this more than once.
  3. List out the 20 tips then…
  4. Pick 3-5 and drill them down, put all your attention on those 3-5 until you know them like you know your own name
  5. Pick 3-5 more and repeat until you’ve worked through the list.
  6. Track your progress.  What is income like now?  Where is your close rate currently?  What will they look like in 90 days?  Use this material to close that gap.

Still Want More?  You Want To Go Deeper?

If this Grant Cardone Live:  Closing Facts is just wetting your whistle and you want to take a deeper dive, there are several ways on how to do this.

Cardone University is the ultimate program for taking your sales and closing skills to a level of complete mastery.  That is your sales dojo.  LEARN MORE about Cardone U.

Grant also offers specific online and virtual training Certification Programs that covers each part of the full sales cycle.  The one for negotiation takes a deeper dive into closing more sales but you’ll also find certifications for increasing your net worth, growing your business, phone and cold call mastery and creating real financial freedom.  LEARN MORE about the Cardone Certification Programs.

Grant recently did a 5+ hour Master Class on handling objections.  This seminar was recorded and is now available to anyone.  It comes with a 50+ page Mastering Objections eBook, 200+ Grant Cardone’s Rebuttal eBook, 15 videos on handling specific objections, and a Play-by-Play Breakdown – From Cold Call to Close on Video.  These tools will show you how to handle objections, become a better close and a top producer.  Check Out This 90 Second preview of The Live Training CLICK HERE.

No matter what else you do here, make sure you have Grant’s book and mp3 of The Closer’s Survival Guide.  You want to KNOW this book and the audio give you your Uncle G literally coaching you through how to deliver over 120 closes.  LEARN MORE about The Closer’s Survival Guide.