Truth Bomb Time: How to Get Ahead in Life

Truth Bomb

Truth Bomb Time: How to Get Ahead in Life

Are you winning at the level you know you’re capable of winning at?  Have you given up on real financial freedom?  Are you struggling to get to your next level?  If you’re not where you want to be, there are 3 truths you need to address.  If you’re in denial about any of these three, then this is the reason you’re not winning at the level you know you should be.  When you confront these 3 fundamental truths, you will start winning again and winning even more.

Truth Bomb #1 You are a salesperson.

No matter how much you may hate sales, you must confront the fact that you are in sales. Every interaction you have with a person is a sale. Sales is simply about persuasion. To win in life, you have to get people to agree with you.

ACTION IDEA:  If you experienced any resistance to the last couple statements, there is work to do.  Can you identify the resistance?  Where did it come from?  Is it true?  

Truth Bomb #2 Commissions equal freedom.

Being on commission means your compensation is based on the percentage of a volume of sales you make. But commissions are really receiving anything. Just because you’re on salary doesn’t mean you’re not on commission. If you don’t do your job well you’ll lose it. Health is a commission for eating healthy.

ACTION IDEA:  What other commissions can you think of and why do you think commissions equal freedom?  

Truth Bomb #3 Salespeople are responsible for everything that happens in the world.

Think about this, for anything to happen, somebody needs to be closed. Deals, agreements, and action all require a sale, otherwise nothing happens!

ACTION IDEA:  What are some examples you can think of where a closed sale literally changed the world.

Now, if you’re thinking at this point…  “That’s great, but how can I get great at sales?”  Or if you’re good now but found yourself challenged (even slightly) by these truths, then all us to help.

Let us start but giving you Cardone University!

Cardone University gives you:

  • Understanding of the #1 RULE in selling
  • Strategies to become a professional—not an amateur
  • The mistakes you must avoid in the close
  • The ability to NEVER lose a deal over price
  • The formula to shorten the sales cycle by 50%
  • An abundance of rebuttals to close your deals

Truth Bomb