Why them and not you?

why them and not you

Why them and not you?

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  Every time you see others achieving greatness, do you ever wonder, Why am I not doing that?  Those succeeding big aren’t necessarily smarter than you.  They may not work harder than you.

So, why them and not you???

The fact is you could be a millionaire, even a billionaire.  To get more and more in life, not just financially but in ANY area, it will require you to never sell out and settle for “enough”.

Here are some tips you can use from my life to apply to your life.


I continually put all my money into investments I can’t touch, which means I actually go broke quite frequently. I actually need to go out and produce new money. This is required for anyone who wants to grow wealthy. It’s hard to say you have “enough” when you go broke!


I have a beast mode calendar. You either waste time or invest it in something. I know how scarce time is, and I need to use every moment I have in order to further my prosperity.


I run my business like an NFL team. Either win or you’re getting cut. It’s a jungle out there and the economy is an eat-what-you-kill place. Don’t just sell or present, but put a priority on becoming a master closer. Closing is when anything of value gets exchanged, and it’s ultimately the only thing that matters in the end.


It’s not bragging if it’s true. The fact is, if you want more and more in life, you will need a great work ethic. Otherwise, you’ll get fat, happy and lazy. It starts with a golf game a week, then it turns to two golf games a week, then a little X Box here and there, and before you know it, half your week is gone.


You get what you focus on. Quit dreaming and you’ll quit having. I always make new goals to guide me into the future.

Remember, once you reach a certain point of affluence, most of society will tell you to back off.

Even something inside you will tell you to take it easy. It’s the battle of “enough”, and it’s a sale.  Will you be closed or will you resist? Like any sale, it depends on the value you see in pushing ahead for more.

Many people are content to settle down in a cute white-picket-fence home, have a 401K, and a two-week vacation now and then at some Holiday Inn that will give them a free breakfast bagel.

For me, that wasn’t enough…

why them and not you