Push vs Pull: How to stay motivated for reals

 Push vs Pull: How to stay motivated for reals

Push vs pull.  What’s better for motivation?  Some of us motivate to avoid pain and some of us motivate to pursue pleasure.  Most of the time we’re in a hybrid setting.  Trying to move away from things that are uncomfortable while looking for ways to feel good.

Over the next three minutes and forty-one seconds, Grant and Elena are going to talk about the difference between being pushed and being pulled.  Grant will define the word pull and then they will break down the differences and then Elena brings it home with measurable actions.

As you watch the video, consider moments from your past when you were pushed by someone to do better and to be better.  Consider how it helped and also consider how you responded.  Fear of loss is a real human emotion and can be very motivating.  It is also a very limiting place to be.  If keeps you average and ordinary and not able or willing to risk.  All wins require an element of risk.  ALL.

Because of this, you need to develop your pull.

You need to find things to work for that are bigger than you.  One of the ways Grant and Elena do this is thy have lots of future commitments to pull them forward.  That means, they always have something on the schedule, in the future that pulls them like gravity.  This way no one has to push them from behind.

At the end of the video, grab a notebook and open up your calendar and get to work on creating 12 – 18 different pull points.  You can call them goals if you want, just make sure that they are in the future, have a set date and require a 10X level of action.  These are destinations.  Places that already exist in your future.  This is where you’re going.

So as an example, let’s say you have a sales goal this year.  Let’s say you want to sell a certain amount that would earn you a specific dollar amount and you want to use that money for something meaningful.

Set a future date and create an action plan that literally pulls you into the future you already created.

And that’s the main thing to take with you right now.  You’re literally creating your future through what you do today.  It’s NOT random.  Just because it hasn’t “happened” yet doesn’t mean you can’t create it NOW.  And you don’t need to get all bogged down with the details right now.  Just start creating.  When it’s time to figure out the how, that’s where training and education

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