The chances of becoming rich

The Chances of Becoming Rich

MEMO FROM UNCLE G:  I knew a guy who told me he wanted to get rich.  He told me multiple times how great it would be to become financially free.  When I asked him how committed he was to the idea, he told me he was 100% all in.  But he also added, “But I know the chances of it happening are small.”

I asked him why he thought that.

He replied, “If you do the math, 99% of people AREN’T in the top 1%, so the chances are only 1 in a 100…pretty small.”

I laughed and said, 

“The chances of becoming rich isn’t 1%.. it’s 50%… Either you do it or you don’t do it.”

The point is, whatever goal you have, don’t focus on what you believe to be the odds of it happening or not. What you believe the odds are probably not even accurate anyway.

If you want to get wealthy, you either do it or you don’t.  It’s that simple.

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chances of becoming rich