Time is the Great Multiplier

Time is the Great Multiplier

If you happen to be someone who is just getting turned on to Grant Cardone’s work you might not be seeing the whole picture.

You’ll see Grant showing off cars, condos and jetting off here and there, always talking 10X.

But what you might not see is the 30 years of discipline and hard work. We want to remind YOU about something that even Grant will admit, we don’t talk about nearly enough.  And that is time.  More specifically, how time can be the great multiplier and magnifier of your work.

For most people success takes time.

Yeah, sure, Instagram makes it look like there are a lot of people hitting massive success levels in their twenties but Grant was not one of them.

We’re not warning you about time to discourage you, but the reality is, it does take TIME to build your brand, you fortunes and a great business.

After 35 years Grant admits he underestimated two things:

  1. How long it would take and
  2. How far I could get.

Your Uncle G has done thousands of presentations he wasn’t paid for, send thousands of emails, who knows how many social media posts and posted literally over 10,000 videos between Youtube, Cardone Zone, Cardone University and live streams… (and by the way over half of them aren’t very good.)

So, if you are tuning in at this point in Grant’s career, you are seeing us doing conferences for 35,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world and we’re joining Grant on stage with very connected people like Steve Harvey, John Maxwell, Sara Blakely, Daymond John, Ryan Deiss and the list goes on and on…

What you don’t see is the TIME invested.

In Grant’s thirties he was doing two hundred seminars a year and many of those events only had fifty attendees at them.  Getting people to attend live events was like pulling teeth and many of those events didn’t make any money.  Bottom line is you have to put in the TIME.

Time is a brutal but very valuable asset. “In the moment,” Grant says, “it felt like I was never going to get my break.”

Time lies to you in the moment and pays you in the future…

Grant’s convinced he is only being paid today for efforts that appeared to fail him twenty years ago.

We have people today investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in our equity fund at Cardone Capital, who wouldn’t take Grant’s call 20 years ago…  go figure!

When you are viewing someone’s success, remind yourself about all that you can NOT see:

  • The time
  • The disappointments
  • The discouragements
  • And all the temptations to quit

When picking someone to model this year, look beyond the cars, the luxury condos and the stuff and take a moment to see where they are in their career.

Time is a very misunderstood resource

When you don’t think you are getting results in the moment, the reality is you are putting in the TIME.  Grant started working out in June of 2018, putting in time every day.  He kept reminding myself, “put in the time and you will see results.”

He didn’t see any results for months and then one day – bam!  Let’s face it, no matter how hard you go, you won’t have real gains without time.  Same thing with building your brand, put in the time every day.  Increasing your sales requires you to make the calls every day.

Time is brutal in the moment and rewarding in the long run

It’ OK to be hard on yourself when you know time is the great multiplier, so force yourself to put in the work now even when you think in the moment there is no payoff.  This is true in everything.

Which why we’re asking you to come to 10X Growth Conference 3  time for 10X Growth Con 3

You may or may not see an immediate payoff, but we know it will PAY off at some point in your future if you invest the time and energy to come to this event.

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