What they don’t teach you in high school

What they don't teach you in high school

What they don’t teach you in high school

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  I graduated from high school over 40 years ago in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  I remember seeing my old school recently and it looks like a prison from the outside to this day.

Every year, I was forced to go to classes I didn’t want to be in, like History, Geography, Algebra, and English grammar (whatever that was about) and I was forced to read books I had zero interest in.

What I remember in high school was that shop class was ok. Typing class was good because Ms. Gardner was hot, but overall, public school was NOT a great learning experience for me.

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And you know what?  The good thing about high school is that it doesn’t determine how your life needs to turn out.

While I may have been fashionable to get 2nd place as Mr. Vogue in high school, I had no clue how to make any money.

That’s because nobody in high school teaches you how to increase your income.

I didn’t get wealthy from what I learned in school, but what I chose to learn after school.

Never stop learning and educating yourself. I read every day, study, skill up and work to stay ahead of the market.

After high school, I didn’t go to Princeton, Brown, Yale, Stanford, MIT, or Cambridge. I actually went to McNeese State University, a small school surrounded by oak trees in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

I just needed a GPA of 2.35 for admission—which is equivalent to around a C.  Just don’t completely fail and drop out of high school and you can get into McNeese State.

University for me—and many others—is basically a path to the middle class, not to become a millionaire or billionaire.

If the goal of higher education is to be financially secure, then it is failing miserably.

When you approach schooling, you must think about SKILLS, not just information or knowledge.

The only things you can use every day to bring more value to the marketplace are your skills.

We need more skilled people, not more educated people.  This is what they don’t teach you in high school and if they do it’s seen as remedial or only for the less intelligent.

We need motivated workers—and motivation comes from having skills.

Great entrepreneurs, salespeople, and successful people that get results aren’t born great. They are educated, motivated and trained to be where they are at.

There are millionaires being made each day, but you aren’t going to learn the information you need to become one from any school system—not even Harvard.

How do I know this?

What they don't teach you in high school