How Much Americans Make In Wages

How Much Americans Make In Wages

How Much Americans Make In Wages

This pie chart is crazy and Americans are in trouble…  Deep trouble.  This pie chart shows how much Americans make in wages and they then organized the distribution of earnings in America by all workers.

Notice that only 9.6% of American workers make over $100K.

Now wherever you are in that pie above, you will eventually need real estate at some point in your life if you are going to grow real wealth (even if you make over $250K).

Grant Cardone used to make $3 an hour at McDonalds. That’s like $6,000 a year?!  It was a while ago…but still…

And when Grant first got into car sales, he was making about $3K a month ($36K a year)…

Once he got good at selling, he finally broke into six-figures, but was still far short of $250K annually.  The point is…


So, no matter where you are today, just know that Grant’s been thereAnd you should know that GC invested in real estate for the first time with JUST $3,000.

Today, he’s pushing up against nearly a billion dollars…  and we want to walk you through how you can get started the same way he did.

STEP ONE:  Become a master at sales.

When you read Sell Or Be Sold, you will learn that a business will fail not because they are under capitalized, but because they fail to sell at a quantity great enough with margins high enough to make the business solvent.  You have to learn how to sell if you want to grow your business.

YOUR business.  Doesn’t mean you have to own a business.  If you’re employed by a company, that law applies and part of your job is the make sure the company is growing.  And without sales, they ain’t growing and you ain’t getting paid.  The more you know about sales, the more you can help your company grow.

How Much Americans Make In Wages

STEP TWO:  Stack your paper / save to invest

Grant has often told people looking to make investments with surplus cash that it’s not enough.  The Millionaire Booklet lays out the most important eight steps to wealth in a very simple to understand language that will allow you to get started creating the money you deserve. Let’s face it, your parents didn’t teach you how to get rich and the schools and colleges don’t even talk about it.

STEP THREE:  Create multiple flows of income

Never depend on one flow of income.  In just a few days, Grant is doing an exclusive live training where he’ll show you 8 of the most important types of income, the 3 easiest ways to increase your income, the top 10 ways to add a second flow of income and more…

When you look at where you fall on the How Much Americans Make In Wages chart and you also know you’re capable of doing so much more and you know you’re capable of doing better, we have a live training for you coming up.

If your income stagnant or slipping backwards no matter how many new things you try or new jobs you start, this is the right training.  If by chance, your paycheck isn’t growing as fast as it should and you’re falling behind?  This is the webinar for you.

You will learn the steps, tools and set your goals to 10X YOUR INCOME in this powerful deep-dive LIVE TRAINING on increasing your income!

How Much Americans Make In Wages