How To Close Any Deal In 4 Minutes

Learn How To Close Any Deal In 4 minutes

How would you like to learn how to close any deal in just 4 minutes?  There’s a video on YouTube right now where Grant Cardone gets on the phone with one of our soon to be client’s and helps him off the fence.  Do your prospects often want to wait or add time to the deal/decision?  Do they have uncertainty about making a decision?  Would you like to see how Grant handles this?  Then let’s break down this Grant Cardone closing video like John Madden on a Sunday afternoon!

How To Close Any Deal

NOTE:  Grant with multiple 7 figure businesses is perfectly willing to pick up the phone and call a client to help close a deal or help handle a situation that needs the GC touch.  He talks about this very thing in Sell Or Be Sold.  This particular call is a flip call or second face call.

Wanna listen AND read?

Phone Sales Rule #1:  Speed is power

After the initial pleasantries, which took all of 5 seconds by the way, always open your call with why you’re calling.  Grant says, “let me tell you why I’m calling” and then gets permission to talk by asking for a limited and small amount of time.  Remember again from Sell Or Be Sold, “people who don’t have time, have money.”  Decision makers and key players are incredibly time sensitive so when you get one on the line, make sure you acknowledge it and let them know this will be a short call and then get straight to the point.

The 4 elements of opening a great sales call on the phone:

  1. Five second greeting
  2. Permission to talk
  3. Timestamp
  4. Reason for the call

Best question for the second face call ever:

“Why didn’t you buy our product?”
If you, as a salesperson, have not been able to close the deal, have someone else take a shot.  When you bring in a second face, preferably someone of status, like Grant or a manager, the best question to ask is “why didn’t you buy” or “why haven’t you done the deal yet?”  This question cuts the the chase and is respectful of the buyers time and opens the door to dialog.

How to handle “waiting for the right time / better time

The buyer states the timing is off so Grant asks an open ended question to get the buyer to talk about how they see this going down.
“And what would that right time look like to you?”

#1 Rule Of Selling:  Always, Always, Always, Agree!

Grant clearly practices what he preaches.  The buyer says he wants to wait and start in September and not only does Grant give that to him he quickly and efficiently continues with his fact finding by saying, “Awesome, a lot’s happening for a lot of people right now.  I agree with that.  Let me ask you a question, when we get started in September what do you hope that the product will do for you?”

KEEP IN MIND:  This call would be considered a manager call or second face call, but at its core, it’s still a sales call and sales calls have steps.  We’ve done the greeting and now we’re on to fact finding.
Grant then primes the pump by listing off a few benefits of our program to stimulate a response…  “you want more sales, you want more money, you want to have a better organization…?”

Phone Sales Rule #2:  Listen more than you talk

And then Grant listens.  He’s not thinking about what he’s going to say next, he just listens and then acknowledges to the buyer that he is listening and is even taking notes.
The buyer gives a pretty in depth answer and in it states that he wants to close deals quicker.  His biggest problem right now, his DBM or dominant buying motive is that he’d like to take time out of HIS deals.
This enables Grant to immediately responds with, “the exact exact reason you’re giving me is the number one objection that you’re getting.”

ACTION IDEA:  Think hard on this.  What’s your number one objection?  What’s the main objection you’re getting right now that is holding up your deals?  To some degree you’re in agreement with it and you most likely do it in your own life.  So if your buyers are taking too long to make a decision it’s because YOU take too long to make a decision.  Are you’re buyers shopping the crap out of you and getting confused with TMI?  Is that also how you shop and buy?  To some degree, whatever objection you’re getting, you’re in agreement with it and you exhibit it in your own life.  So you need to work that out or it will continue to be a problem for you.

Phone Sales Rule #3:  Summarize / Validate

Grant then repeats back what he heard from the buyer so the buyer knows he was listening.  This is a crucial step in ethically building actual rapport.  There’s no tricks or gimmicks here.  Grant is giving validity to what he got to make sure he understands the DBM and to make sure the buyer knows he understands.  From there Grant transitions into another fact finding question that attaches a quantifiable benefit to the DMB.
Let’s say I generate more leads, we create a great culture and we close more sales.  Financially, what would you hope for this to do for you?  How much money would that quantify if I hit the top mark, 30%.”
NOTE:  The 30% top mark is the target with Cardone University, 15-30% increase in sales in the first 90 days on the program.

Phone Sales Rule #4:  Do the math!

Help the buyer see that it’s costing them more to not do it than it is to do it.   How much does your product or service cost?  How can you take the benefits of your product or service out to a point where not only is the value well beyond what you’re asking but it’s actually MORE expensive for your buyer to wait, add time or do something else?

Phone Sales Rule #5:  Ask for the business!

Grant goes for the close now saying, “If I guaranteed we’d make you a million six in the next 60 days would you start today?”
The buyer says yeah, Grant says I’m going to have my guy call you but the buyer then back peddles a bit and tries to get all buddy, buddy with Grant by complementing his passion and commitment.  Now, here’s where an average closer would falter because they would get stuck on the complements.  Who doesn’t like getting complimented?  And while Grant hears and acknowledges it, he doesn’t allow it to take him off course at all, he responds with…
Let’s do it, OK?  Can I count on you to get started now?”
Grant leverages his altitude, not status mind you and the buyer agrees, Grant praises him by saying, “you’re the man” and wraps the call up.


You’re turn!  Go back and watch this video for yourself.  What can you pull from it that you can add to your own closing techniques?  What did you learn about how to how to close any deal?  Did you find something you’re not doing that you can do moving forward?  More importantly, how will you make sure this stuff sticks?
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3. Practice daily.
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How To Close Any Deal