GREATNESS: The Wednesday Word of The Week #WednesdayWisdom

GREATNESS: The Wednesday Word of The Week #WednesdayWisdom

This week’s Wednesday word is going to challenge you.  The reason I do that is so I can challenge me. Because I don’t like to be hypocritical about stuff.   If I’m putting it out there I need to be an example of it…

The Wednesday Word is greatness.

So here’s the plan.  I’m going to define the word, then we’re going to go look at the etymology of the word and then we’re going to talk about what that word should mean to you and what you need to be doing with that word every single day.

There is a call to action within the word itself!

From Webster.

GREATNESS:  “the quality or state of being great (as in size, skill, achievement, or power). 

Right from the very very start there’s a call to action.  So just start thinking about that now. We know what the word great is, so we don’t need to define that, but think about the size, skill, achievement or power part.   And in size, let’s not just talk about physical, let’s talk about market share, let’s talk about obscurity or how well you’re known… 

What is your greatness in terms of being known?  What is your greatness in your in terms of being out of obscurity? 

What is your what is your level of greatness in your skills? 

What is your what is your level of greatness in achievements?  What have you done? What are you doing? What are you doing that is great?  What are you achieving that is great? 

Power.  How powerful are you?

Etymology time:

There’s nothing for greatness because the root word is great.

“Old English great “big, tall, thick, stout, massive; coarse,” from West Germanic *grauta- “coarse, thick” (source also of Old Saxon grot, Old Frisian grat, Dutch groot, German groß “great”). If the original sense was “coarse,” it is perhaps from PIE root *ghreu- “to rub, grind,” via the notion of “coarse grain,” then “coarse,” then “great;” but “the connextion is not free from difficulty” 

Then there’s this…

You are greatness don’t fight it 

So here’s the litmus test to your greatness.  Here’s the first question… In what ways do you fight your greatness? 

Grant Cardone has written some statements.  These can also be considered affirmations.

Now the challenge for this week:

Once you’ve identified in what ways you are fighting your greatness and have decided (you have to make this decision) to stop that, I want to have you affirm your greatness.

So for the next seven days what I’d like you to do every single morning and then right before you go to sleep at night, I want you to affirm the following…

  • I am intense
  • I am obsessed
  • I am NOT like others
  • I do what others refuse to do
  • I must control my destiny
  • I am never satisfied
  • I cannot settle
  • I rise while others sleep
  • I refuse to quit
  • I am driven to succeed
  • I am a role model for others

That’s 11 characteristics.  There’s 11 right here. Where do you need the most help?  Which one of these 11 do you need to really just tune up?

I’m going to go through these on my own, okay? 

I think I’m a pretty intense dude.  I can definitely get very obsessive about specific things.  Trust me I’m not like others and I’m happy to do what others refuse to do.  Why? Because I know that’s my competitive advantage. And it’s yours too.

I’m in control of my destiny.  Everything that happens is a direct result of my thoughts, my decisions, and my actions.  Nobody else. I refuse to blame, I refuse to be a victim period. I ain’t doing it. 

Next thing, I’m never satisfied.  Now that doesn’t mean I’m not proud.  This is that was a lesson I learned actually in college from theater professor.  He says to be very very proud of the work you’re doing but never ever, ever, ever be satisfied. 

I can’t settle.  Have you settled?  Think about the times where you have settled.  How do you feel about that?   And it’s not too late to unwind it…

I rise while others sleep.  That’s a big thing in Grant’s office and it’s a big thing in my life.  It’s called BSU. Beat The Sun Up. Why is that so important? When you rise before other people, you start your day uncomfortable, so all the other things uncomfortable are going to be easy.  You set the tone for your day you by doing something you don’t want to do and that’s by getting up a little bit earlier than you wanted…

I refuse to quit.  Listen there’s no failure until you quit, so assuming you refuse to quit you can’t fail.   That’s liberating!

I am driven to succeed.  Now what drives me is very different than what drives you and if you don’t know what drives you you should probably figure that out figure out quick.  Spend some real time figuring out what drives you.

[CLICK HERE for a short video with Grant about being driven and your work ethic]

Final thing. I am a role model for others.  How about that? Now here’s a phrase that I learned that changed a lot for me.

Character is what you do when no one’s watching

How are you a role model for others?

These 11 things adds up to your greatness

Figure out which one of these you got to get tighter on.  Figure out which one of these needs the most attention from you right now.  Spend the next seven days reading this aloud right when you wake up, right before you encounter people, right before you go to bed.

Then figure out which one of these eleven you know you got to be better at.

The Wednesday word is greatness just to remind you you are greatness don’t fight it.  If you are, knock that off!

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