You can CHANGE IT if you don’t like it

You can CHANGE IT if you don’t like it

Grant Cardone’s Strategy of The Week shows you what is entirely possible for you.  This week’s strategy may appear it is all about Grant, but the reality is, it’s actually about you.  In fact all of Grant’s strategies are about you.

In this strategy, Grant goes over the massive changes going on at 10X Headquarters in Miami.  He also covers how he’s got to where he’s at.  A virtual timeline if you will of his and his company’s growth, development and evolution.

Let’s see if we can extrapolate from this strategy some new mindsets and ways to see things.

“Grant Cardone stroked a check for $13 million, bought the building and kicked the bankers out.”

Again, just like the title, if you don’t like it, you can change it.  Now, what is the value in being in a position to even do that?  This is exactly what Grant means when he says money equals freedom.

EXERCISE:  What could you do if money wasn’t a barrier for you?  Write down the first 5 things that come to mind.  Then set up action plans to create it.

Next the Strategy goes on to show how Grant practices what he preaches by having multiple flows of income within 10X Headquarters.

“10X Headquarters is now home to a conglomerate of 14 companies that are helping businesses and individuals financially succeed.”

If you look at what you’re doing now, how is your product and service a solution?  How do you help people?  How do you serve?  In what ways do you give to your market in a way that no one else does?

Grant is building his legacy.  He is looking to leave a mark.  A real one.  The kind of mark that people remember and talk about for generations.

EXERCISE:  What will your legacy be?  Write that out.  500 words on your legacy…

“As 10X Headquarters continues to grow, so does the 10X movement.”

How do you go from having a home based business where you’re the only employee to having 14 companies with over 150 employees?

Grant’s career’s as an entrepreneur and its evolution is laid out in the Strategy of the Week.  The question now should be, how are YOU continuing to grow?  Because if you’re not growing, you’re dying.  Period.

EXERCISE:  Look at your own evolution so far.  Remember, these strategies are about you.  Answer the following for yourself and take a good hard look.

  • How have you gotten to where you are?
  • Are you evolving now?
  • At your current rate of evolution, where will you be in 5 years?  If the answer is the same place you’re in right now, recognize that you have stopped evolving.
  • Where would you like to be in 5 years?
  • Are you willing to make the changes necessary to create that?

FINAL THOUGHTS: You can CHANGE IT if you don’t like it

If you don’t like where your life is at right now, you can change it.  It’s that simple.  Simple, mind you, does NOT equal easy.  And unfortunately this why people quit or don’t try.  And that comes from having limiting beliefs about what they are truly capable of and can do.

Where do you need to remodel?  If you look at Grant’s evolution, you’ll notice three key factors in play here that made it all possible.

  • FIRST, Grant got the right information that he then USED to level up.  Multiple times.  You should always be looking to level up.
  • SECOND, Grant got around the right people.  You simply can’t do this alone.  If you want to level up over and over, you’ll need people to do that.
  • THIRD, he paid the price.  Time, energy, effort and money.  You must invest all of these in order to grow.  Not just your business but your life.

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