LOVE: The Wednesday Word of the Week #WednesdayWisdom

LOVE: The Wednesday Word of the Week #WednesdayWisdom

Hey everybody happy Wednesday to you.  This week’s Wednesday word has a lot of wisdom behind it.

Love:  strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties and assurance of affection warm attachment enthusiasm or devotion the object of attachment devotion or admiration unselfish loyal and benevolent

Alright let’s just talk about where this word love would plugs into sales, business and making more money.
Well here’s the real question you want to ask yourself right now:

Is love a noun or a verb?

Is it something that you feel or is it something that you do?  And I would venture to tell you that if you haven’t considered it before, then from this day forward, love should be a verb first and a feeling second.
What have you been taught about love?  More importantly in what ways do you love your clients?  In what ways do you love your co-workers, in what ways do you love your boss and in what ways do you love your employees?
Remember it is a verb!  I’ll give you a quote from Mother Teresa just to put the whole thing to
perspective…  OK, you as a salesperson, you as a professional, you as a businessperson, you as a manager, you as a leader; you have to figure out the ways that you need to do that and no matter
how challenging it may be.
Mother Teresa said this they asked her how do you do what you do every single day?  How do you get down there in Calcutta and work with these people who need a lot of help?  They need loving.  How do you do that?

Everyday, I see Jesus Christ in all of his his distressing disguises…

What does that do for you as a professional?  How does that empower you to love on your clients more?  And you don’t even have to be Christian right now.  Let’s just assume Jesus is real, let’s just assume that he is the son of God and if that guy was on the phone talking to you even if you were a Buddhist or a Muslim you’d probably change your tone just a little bit…
What if you got a jerk on the phone?  I mean what if this guy’s a real d-bag?  What if this guy’s a, you know, POS (and you know what that stands for) and you really don’t want to be dealing with them but you have now challenged yourself to find Jesus in this person.

Yeah that’s a skill.

That’s something that has to be developed.  That will not happen overnight with a snap of a finger.  It’s gonna require some practice, some drilling, some rehearsing.  Maybe some life experience and debriefing of the situation.
Now let’s just jump back to last week real quick.  Remember what last week’s word was?  It was greatness.
True greatness merely refuses to change in the face of bad actions against one.  A truly great person loves his fellow man because he understands them.
What that means is when you’re on that call and that guy is getting kind of jerky on the phone with you, it means you’re out of your own body, you’re out of your own head, your egos not responding you’re listening knowing, “Hey I know nothing about this guy, I have no idea what he’s going through, I have no idea what his days been like.  I’m not taking that personal because this has nothing to do
with me.  That says more about him than it does about me but I’ve made a decision to the action the doing of loving this guy through this entire phone call no matter what he does because I’ve made the
commitment I’ll see Jesus Christ in all of his distressing disguises.

So that brings me to the Wednesday word of the day challenge that comes courtesy Sell Or Be Sold by Grant Cardone.

Chapter nine says the number one rule of selling is always always always agree.  Be in a place of agreement with the buyer and you can do that, when it’s not about you, when you put all your attention on them and you love them…
Say “hey you’re right, I understand how you feel, I get it sir, wouldn’t expect you, be happy to.”  I’m in agreement with somebody.  You can’t have an argument when you’re not arguing.
So you make the commitment.  You say, hey I’m going to see Jesus Christ in this person.  I’m gonna find Jesus (or whatever your higher power is) I’m going to find it in this person, I’m going interact with them as if that was.  He’s in there somewhere!  I promise you that.

LOVE: The Wednesday Word Challenge

So the challenge for the Wednesday word or the Wednesday Word of the Week; your Wednesday Wisdom Challenge would then be for the next seven days (or until you get in the habit of loving your clients more) come at them from a place of agreement and understanding first.

In the words of Stephen R. Covey, “Seek first to understand then to be understood.”

Love:  it’s not so hard is it?  Actually it is!  It’s really hard.  It’s very challenging.  I sold cars for ten years at the dealer level and I met some winners!  I met some doozies and I met some people that really called me to task on loving.  The fact is I probably failed miserably a few times…

What are we doing for the next seven days?

Here’s what we’re gonna do.  Number one, we are going to start working on building the muscle of loving our customers, our co-workers, our employees a little bit more, a little bit better.
Remember, love is a verb, it’s something that you do.  You do that first, that feeling comes second.  And think about that in all aspects of your life personal and business.
The entry point for this is to just challenge yourself for the next seven days to not only start finding your higher power in the people you’re interacting with but then also to just start the whole thing from a place of agreement.

Say things (and mean it) like:

  • I understand how you feel sir felt the exact same way
  • I’m with you
  • I agree with you
  • You’re right
People love to be right.  Just let them be.  Give it to them.  It’s not gonna hurt you any I promise you that.   If it does then that means you have more work to do…

For the next seven days we’re loving people better we’re gonna start from a place of agreement