Why You Suck at Your Job – Young Hustlers

Why You Suck at Your Job – Young Hustlers

This episode of Young Hustlers with Jarrod Gland really lays it out for you.  Might be one of the best episodes he’s ever done.   In it he confronts four of his own previous shortcomings and fortunately for us, how he overcame them.  With that in mind, this episode actually has nothing to do with him, but is all about you.  Where you’re at in your life and career is a refection of your previous thoughts, decisions and actions.  So if you want real change, you’re going to have to make the first move and understand why you suck at your job now so you can start getting better.

I want to give you a couple tips on how to listen and apply the data here and make sure you actually get something out of this.

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#1 Most Important Thing:  If you not willing to be brutally honest with yourself on these four things, then this will be a total waste of time for you.

These truths can be harsh.  You must be willing to actually confront WHY things aren’t working out for you.  The good news is, there are things you can do.  The good news is it’s not going to get better all by itself.  Yes, that is good news because it means that you’re actually in control here.  No one or nothing else.  You’re not reading this on accident.  You got to this spot, so now you get to get yourself out.  Congratulations!

Reality:  If you’re not great – you suck

Why is that?  Is there something wrong with being just OK?  I think the recent AT&T commercials bring that home perfectly.  “Just OK is NOT OK.”  Because, look, if you’re just OK, just average, you need to figure out how to get to greatness.  And why is that?

Because there is no VALUE in average.

There are two ends of this spectrum.  In anything, your target should never be in the middle.  If you’re on you’re way to Disneyland and half way there you decide it’s too far, too hard, so I’ll just pop into this Golf & Stuff instead.  You settled.  Don’t let that be your life.

Four Reasons You’re Not Great Yet (why you suck)

1. You’re not committed to your future:

The number one reason why you suck at your job is because right now, you’re more committed to feeling good NOW, in this moment, then feeling AMAZING in the future.

Why You Suck at Your JobTwo Cardone-isms to put front of mind right now:

  • “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no body wants to die.”
  • “Pay the price today so you can pay any price tomorrow.”

You have to stop and figure out what your priorities are.  Your goals, your dreams, your targets, your commitments will require time, energy, effort AND you’re going to have to do stuff you don’t want to do in order to have the things you do want to have.  PERIOD!

Isn’t it just to have fun?  Look, not one is saying you can’t have fun, but get real—how much “fun” can you have making less than 70K a year?  Now is the time to get even more committed to your career and sales.  And when you start paying the price, you can vastly improve your finances and start having the freedom to have real fun more often and in much better ways.

2. You don’t care enough about your goals to see them through:

BOTTOM LINES:  No goals = no ambition -and- no time = no priority.

There are 2 types of people – which one are you?

Unintentional People: These are the men and women who start and move without any real intention or purpose…they get too far down the path and end up living day to day, week to week, and next thing you know it’s been 5 years and they’re still living this way.

Intentional People – these are those people who have control and clarify what they want to accomplish. They have confidence knowing that they are pushing and driving to something that’s important to them.


  • Am I in control of how I invest my time?
  • Am I crystal clear and specific about what I want to accomplish
    • In the next 15 minutes,
    • Hour,
    • Day, Week, Month, Year
    • 10 years,
    • 20 years?
  • How are all these targets connected?
  • At any given moment, ask yourself, am I getting closer to my goals right now?

Might not be a bad idea to answer these questions every morning, right before bed and anytime you have a set back…  just a thought.

3. You refuse to accept responsibility and continue to make excuses.

Why You Suck at Your JobNow would be a good time to ask yourself why.  The answer to why you suck at your job  will not be an easy assignment, but do it anyway.  There’s growth in suffering.  Come up with a list of things you’re terrible at in your job and go fix them.  Remember, you are in control, which gives you the power to change how you think, change your decisions and the level of effort.  All up to you, all in your power.  Once you get past your ego, it’s really quite liberating.

You need to move towards where you want to go!  Don’t just run away from your problems, hoping that the next time or place will be better.  You need to move toward what you actually want your life to be like.

There are things you need to improve on but if you’re not taking action, then you’re just going to stay the same.  And that is the true definition of insanity.

4. You’re just not committed to getting great at your job.

You will never be the MVP if you’re not committed to being great.  You need to become invaluable in your company.

HARD QUESTION:  If you didn’t work there anymore, would the business suffer?

If the answer is no, you got work to do.  You will know you’re valuable if you leave the company and it’s detrimental to them.  Like, it would take 5-7 people to replace you.

And even if the gig you got is not the place you’re going to build a career, get great there anyway.  Get in the habit of becoming the greatest everywhere you go.

Outwork everyone and practice harder than you play.  

This is the simple formula to become the GOAT in your field.


Why You Suck at Your JobYou may have legitimate reasons (excuses) for why you suck.  And that’s OK, we all do.  And they probably are actually legit.  However, you also have results from those reasons (excuses).  But what if the results was all that mattered?  Because really that’s what it is.  If the results your getting from your current thoughts, decisions and actions are not what you deserve, YOU have to do something about it.

YOU have to the MAKE changes necessary in order to be GREAT.

Nobody else can do this for you.  You can get help but ultimately, you will be the one doing the heavy lifting.  You need to surround yourself with the right people who can help you and at the same time you’re elevating yourself, you want to help and elevate others too.  It is time now to get yourself around like minded, growth minded, people who can work with you and you with them to NOT SUCK and elevate your game so you can exceed your targets and goals.

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