ATTITUDE: The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

ATTITUDE: The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

Now, last week, I teased you a little bit saying that this week’s word is going to be the first step in the
sales process.

This word could be something that you would say cop and it’s not a feel. It could also be a pose and not as in ‘er.  Just pose and it has nothing to do with Vogue or Madonna.  You know what it is yet?

Attitude.  It’s yours and is the first step of the sales process.  Which is basically “check yourself before…  well, you know the rest.

ATTITUDE: The Wednesday Word

Okay, so let’s look at the definition. The first one I mentioned:  the arrangement or the parts of a body or a figure.  So if you’re in dance, you have your position.  Before you start a move, would be your attitude, okay?

If you are painting figures or drawing, the position of the figure is the attitude that they’re taking.  But when we get into what I’m talking about, and those two things are kind of related, but when we get into what we’re talking about here, like your attitude, the first step of the sales cycle, the thing you want to make sure that you got right before you get in front of a customer, that’s this:

a mental position with regard to a fact or state state being

So what about your attitude?

Okay, so we’re in sales. Let’s plug this in right now.  I’m going to cover this one before we get into etymology. Think about other salespeople that you have encountered.  Maybe this is you but have you ever seen a salesperson who is able to spot pour credit from 200 yards away?

Have you ever had a salesperson say “he can’t buy, no way that’s a deal”  Or what about the exact opposite, where everyone they see, that’s money, that’s a deal.  That guy can buy something. That’s a prospect.  That’s a deal.  Go get him, Go talk to him, okay, there’s money over there.  These are all attitudes.  One’s good, one is not going to help you take care of yourself or your family.

So step one in a sales process is this: get your attitude, right.

And the thing about your attitude is that it is a choice. It is a decision. You get to decide what kind of attitude you want to have.  Period.   And you don’t need chemical substances to do that. You don’t
need a substance to get your attitude right. You can change your chemistry just by the way you breathe. You can change your brain chemistry by the way you move your body, you can change your brain chemistry just by the way you hold yourself.  If you’re standing on the point and “it’s slow and there’s nothing going on and the phone’s not ringing and I just want to get home so I can watch reruns of Friends or play Call of Duty…”

That’s your attitude.  But you want to change that.  How do you hold yourself?  Chest out, shoulders back, standing at attention?  Eyes open, looking forward.

By changing my physical state which will ultimately change my mental state  Okay, I don’t feel like I got enough oxygen up there, let’s take some breaths. Let’s do some breath work. In through nose out through mouth.  In good, out crap.

Now what about when a customer experience didn’t quite go the way you wanted to?  But there’s another customer coming in. That new customer does not deserve the bad stuff that happened prior. So breathe in the new, breathe out the old.  It’s a choice you’re making. It’s a decision that you have and the next customer does not deserve the baggage you’re bringing with you from the last experience.  You don’t like it when they bring their bad sales experience to your new one okay, so don’t bring yours to theirs.

ATTITUDE: The Wednesday Word: is a decision, it’s a choice.

Let’s look at the history of this word for a second, shall we? So we talked about the posture we talked about all of that but I’m just going to get right down to sense of ready for this settled behavior
reflecting feeling or opinion.  Settled behavior, meaning you made a decision, you settled on a behavior reflecting your feeling and your opinion.  It’s choice.

I have a list from Cardone University that has Grant Cardone’s 20 Traits of a Great Attitude and then also 18 Rules for Being Positive.

[if you want them all and you don’t have access to Cardone University because you’re reading this right now I’m happy to give you some free access to that program, so you can study some of these.]

But I’m going to share with you five of the 20 Traits of a Great Attitude and I’m going to share with you five of the 18 Rules or Being Positive.  I keep these on my wall so I can check myself too.


  1. Smile More
  2. Problems are opportunities
  3. Good news only.
  4. Be grateful for all of it
  5. Motivate others


  1. decide to be seen by others as positive that’s loving that deal up.
  2. act so positive that people have to ask you what’s going on
  3. use energy and enthusiasm with every action you take
  4. set your goals high and then never lower the target.
  5. confront your fears,

ATTITUDE: The Wednesday Word:  10 tips to raise your attitude

There’s a 38 of them total. And if you’d like them to play around them a little bit and challenge yourself to make sure that when you approach a customer your game on attitude let me know I’m happy to help!

ATTITUDE: The Wednesday Word