3 Things That Crush Your Dreams

3 things that crush your dreams

3 Things That Crush Your Dreams

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  There are 3 basic things that crush your dreams.  Let’s list them out first and then we’ll go over them one at a time.  As you look at them initially, take note of how you react to these three things that crush your dreams.

  • You’re quitting too soon
  • You won’t try hard enough
  • You have no faith in yourself

Dream Crusher #1: Quitting too soon.

You know this one.  This is one of the main reasons you haven’t achieved something in life you wanted to. It was because you simply gave up on it.  If you think back, why did you quit?  What caused you to quit?  Most likely you quit because you weren’t winning and didn’t know how to improve and so you found a way to do without out.  Meaning you settled.  Now you can’t go back and redo this old moment so don’t dwell on it, rather know for next time that before you quit something, get great at it.

Dream Crusher #2: Not trying hard enough.

Now if you haven’t given up yet but you are struggling and maybe the thought of quitting is starting to come up, what would happen if you found the strength and energy to try even harder.  Success comes from having the right attitude, the right approach and taking the right level of action which is and always will be WAY more than you anticipated and expected.  So… push more!

Dream Crusher #3: No faith in yourself.

Do you lack the confidence to even start pursuing your big dream?  You must move beyond doubt and act even if you’re unsure.  But HOW do you move beyond doubt?  Faith in yourself must be earned and even when you’re doing the right things you may still struggle with doubt.  Grant talks about this in Be Obsessed Or Be Average.  In fact there’s two chapters dedicated to it.  One’s called Feed The Beast and the second is called Starve The Doubt.  The best way to starve doubt is to not give it any energy.  Move forward anyway.  You win or you learn.  There is no losing and you are not a loser.  Win or learn.

We here at Cardone Training Technologies know you want to make your dream life a reality, and we don’t say that lightly because we know how hard it is to actually make dreams into reality.

If the time has come to stop doing these 3 things that crush your dreams and you’d like help doing it there are two immediate solutions.

  1.  Get and study the crap out of The 10X Growth Con.  The recording of Growth Con 2020 is available now as well as the other 3.  Success leaves clues and studying the actions of the already successful while learning from their mistakes is a huge leverage tool for you.
  2. Do (and don’t do) things daily that will increase your faith in you by studying and practicing your craft.  The better you are at your craft the less likely you’ll be to quit and the more likely you’ll be to push harder.

If you’d like to get the recording of 10X Growth Con for yourself or maybe even bundle all 4 together, give me a call at 310-777-0352 and we can put together a custom package for you that gets you the fuel you need to stay in it, push harder and believe that you CAN make your dreams a reality.