6 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

6 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

80% of all New Years Resolutions FAIL by February.  In the next 4 minutes, Grant Cardone is going to break down for you the 6 reasons why New Years Resolutions don’t work and then we’ll look at what to do about it!
1.  No real commitment.  In order for a commitment to be real, it must include time and money.  If you have don’t have enough time or money right now it’s because you don’t invest time and money.
2.  No real plan.  It’s what you’ve done every day that has created the life you’re living right now.  What kind of plan do you have now?  Are the actions you’re taking daily moving you closer to your goals, keeping you stuck in the same spot or actually moving you away from the life you want?
3.  Know Your WHY.  Grant calls this “The Mac Daddy.”  You have to be crystal clear on your why?  Why is this your resolution?  What is the why behind the why?  What is that is driving you?
4.  Accountability.  Who is there to hold you accountable for achieving your resolutions, your goals and targets.  You made this commitment, you know your why, who’s going to help you stay on course?

5.  Your surroundings have to change.  “We cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein.  Your life will not change until you change.  That starts with your immediate surroundings.  If you spend all your time in a room with a bunch of cigarette smokers, odds are you’re going to get cancer too.  So know what you’re surrounded by and what you’re choosing to have around you and what you’re letting into your brain and body.

6.  You need future dates.  “The speed at which you commit, determines your velocity.”  The longer you take to commit, the less impact it will have.  Set future targets that keep you committed and moving toward your goals.


  • On a sheet of paper, make two columns.  On the left side, take an inventory of where you’re investing your time and money right now.  Then on the right side, put down what you’re committed to.  ASK AND ANSWER THE HARD QUESTIONs:  Is what you’re spending time and money on matching your commitments?  What needs to change?
  • Set a schedule for yourself of daily actions and activities that move you toward your goals.
  • Dissect your why.  Dig deep.  Why is this resolution important?  What does it mean to mean to me?  What will it mean when I accomplish it?  Why is that important?  What will it mean if I don’t accomplish it?  What does that mean?  Why the why and why that why and why is that important?
  • Get yourself an accountability partner.  Someone on the same page that will help you stay on target and on mission.  And you be that for them too.
  • Make another list with two columns.  What are you surrounding yourself with?  Who are you surrounding yourself with?  What are you putting in your mind and body?  Figure out:  What needs to stay?  What needs to go?  What needs to get added?
  • Set 12 future date commitments that once set you cannot back out.  You can do one for each month of the year.  Make sure they are inline with your goals and your resolutions

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Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work