Why Your Mom Is Wrong

Grant Cardone Your Mom Is Wrong

Why Your Mom Is Wrong

You know how your mom might tell you, “I love you just the way you are“…?  Your mom is wrong.  And here’s why…

Be forewarned, nobody who is super close to you and in charge of protecting you, keeping you safe, and securing your environment is fit to give you advice about growing, expanding, or doing anything that might rock the boat of status quo.

Because they love you the way you are.

But do YOU love the way you are?

If you do, you wouldn’t have any goals, you wouldn’t have any New Year’s resolutions—because you wouldn’t need to grow or improve in any area, right?  You know you’re NOT perfect and that you need to grow.

Quit loving yourself the way you are and get hungry to become the person you have the potential to become!

I don’t care how much you already have or how good you are, you’re not perfect.

How To Grow

Did you know there may be no such thing as “enough”, that it’s ok to have more than enough, and that you can push for infinite growth and contribution in this world?

Don’t be sold on the idea that you have enough or that you’re good enough.  Your life doesn’t have to be “just enough” or “good enough”.   Now is your time to pinpoint your hunger and purpose in this world.

You must be fully sold on what is driving you.

The only reason people stop pushing for more in life is that they are sold into believing they have enough. They’ve been sold they’re good as they are.

If you stay sold on the idea that you want more than enough, you can’t be sold into kicking back and taking it easy. If you stay sold on the idea that you have room for growth, you can’t be sold into kicking back and thinking you’re fine just the way you are.

Here are some question that will help you discover your hunger and purpose:

Your mom is wrong