One Thing For More Money In 2019

more money in 2019

Do This One Thing For More Money In 2019

MEMO FROM YOUR UNCLE G:  If you want to make more money in 2019, you have 3 options…

  1. Go get it (if you have the know-how and skills)
  2. Hustle more (that’s great but you still only have 24 hours a day)
  3. Invest in yourself (best option with the highest ROI)

I know from personal experience that investing in yourself is the easiest AND quickest way to double, triple, and even 10X your income.  That begs the question, what should you invest in yourself with?

  • Go back to school?  No, too much of a time commitment.
  • Read books?  Might be worth it, but with so many books out there, it’s likely you might end up wasting too much time again trying to find a few hidden gems. Besides, too many people read too many books and fail to go deep with any of them.

I’ve found the best investment for me over the years has been conferences, for two main reasons:

#1 The Connections: When you travel to a place and meet for 2, 3 or 4 days, you meet people you never otherwise would have met. The networking alone at a good conference is worth more than the price of admission.

If you don’t understand why networking is so important, all I can tell you is your NETWORK is your net worth.

#2 The Content: Usually at a good conference a speaker will go deeper than they do in their book, they’ll give you extra nuggets of wisdom from their personal experiences that is oftentimes GOLD for me.

If you spend money to invest in a conference, you expect to get great content out of it, especially if you’re traveling from out of state, right?

My purpose the last 9 months has been to… 

make 10X Growth Conference 3 not only the biggest business conference in the world in 2019, but to tailor this experience so it’s easy for you to make life-changing connections AND to get content so good, so relevant, and so rich that I can promise you it will be the ONE single investment you need to make in 2019 to make more money.

If you want more money in 2019, come to 10X Growth Conference 3, it will give you the connections and content you need to make more money this upcoming year.
more money in 2019