3 types of people you need to have in your life

Here are 3 types of people you need to have in your life

There are 3 types of people you need in life.  Take a real inventory of who you’re surrounding yourself with right now and make sure all 3 are part of your inner circle.

#1 Friends

Nobody wants to go through life without friends, right? People who know you, people who like you and support you. We all need friends, and one of my goals is to make friends all around the world!

#2 Close Friends

This is your inner circle. Someone you know who will stand up for you and have your back, somebody you can count on in a time of need even when things are bad. Close friends are also truth tellers, they aren’t afraid to call out your blind spots.

#3 Mentors

Successful people have mentors. A mentor is a person that shows you how to do something that you want to do, but don’t know how to. I have been saved from many failures because of mentors but I have also had many failures from not listening to my mentors!

Do you have people serving all 3 of these roles in your life?

Grant Cardone can be a mentor to you—and we’re opening our Ambassador program for just that opportunity.

You’ll get:

  • Accountability
  • Live Weekly Sessions and Assignments from me
  • Access to Cardone University (up until 10X Growth Con 3)
  • Access to My Private Networking Group
  • Ticket to 10X Growth Conference 3 in Miami in my Special Ambassador Section

By getting Grant and Team Cardone as a mentor, you’ll also meet a select group of others in the program and make new friends — who may over time become those close friends you need to support your mission!

Friends, close friends, mentors.

Let’s do this.
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