What is the best time for salespeople to practice

What is the best time for salespeople to practice

What is the best time for salespeople to practice

What is the best time for salespeople to practice

What is the best time for salespeople to practice?  Fantastic question to ask!  Salespeople can become incredibly busy during the day-to-day activities.  Whether it comes from prospecting, presenting, follow up or nurturing current clients, how do you find the time to practice, drill and rehearse?  More importantly, why would you anyway?  I mean, consider this, you’re a salesperson.  You’re in the trenches everyday.  Why bother training something that you’re experiencing nearly everyday anyway?

Let’s take a cue from Bruce Lee.  Looking at the graphic above will give an idea of why daily practice and drilling is a vital element to your success as a salesperson.

The greatest warriors, athletes, doctors, scientists, and yes, salespeople are in a constant state of development.  One is never finished.  Even the most seasoned salesperson has the ability to develop and learn.

Consider the following as a salesperson, if you’re not with a customer, you’re looking for one and if you’re not doing one of those, you’re training.  Anything else is a distraction.  Look at a baseball team.  They practice in the days leading up to the game, the practice before the game and they even practice during the game.  They average 162 games a year in regular season.  That’s almost half of the year spent playing.  The rest of the year is in preparation and practice.  As a sales professional, how do you incorporate this mindset into your daily life?

Let’s take our next cue from Grant Cardone.  Grant’s book Sell Or Be Sold lays out Grant’s Rx for greatness with his personalized training schedule for you or anyone looking to raise their game and reach a new level of excellence.

Regardless of where you’re at, is there room for improvement?

Grant’s formula for success is based on what he call A³ (A-cubed).  Stands for attitude, approach and action.  All three are required for success.

Daily training should center around these four elements:

STEP 1:  Get and maintain a positive attitude.  Turn off the news in the car.  Start listening to audio training materials that helps handle your mindset and delivers, as Grant says in the book, “SALES orientated strategies.”  Grant suggest that you avoid the motivational hype.  Do this daily.  Anytime you’re in the car.

STEP 2:  At the start of your day, watch 15 – 20 minutes of video that covers some part of the sales cycle.  If you have access to either Cardone On Demand or Cardone University, this is an ideal method to start your day and get your game face on.

STEP 3:  Role-play.  Here’s the kicker though.  Role-play your challenges.  Where are you getting stuck?  What’s happening?  Stop practicing on your clients and prospects!  Grab a partner and work out your challenges.  Does a baseball team wait till gameday to try a new play?  What do they do in practice the day after they lose a game?  They figure out why they lost and practice through it.  UFC Champion Ronda Rousey like to practice getting out of tough situations so when she gets in them in the Octagon, it’s not a big deal because she’s already been there in practice.  Follow?  Role-play your challenges.

STEP 4:   Solve problems in real time.   Back to baseball.  VP of Sales Jarrod Glandt has a great analogy on this.  If you’re going up against a pitcher with a 90 mph fastball, what kind of pitches will you practice leading up to the game?  And what if after the game you learn that you can’t hit a slider too well, what will you practice then?  Looking at sales, if you have an appointment in an hour and you know the client has a budgetary concern, would it make sense to practice closes that relate to budget?  Or what if the prospect communicates a payment range they want to be in?  How will you prepare to handle it?  If they’re looking at your product and 3 other company’s how will you prepare for your appointment?  What about after?  What worked?  What didn’t?  What will you do better next time?  What can you learn from the experience?

What is the best time for salespeople to practice?

So to answer that question…  Anytime is the best time for salespeople to practice.  Whether you’re using Grant’s books and audio, our On-line platforms or both, follow this protocol for better results in your business and in life.

Have you seen Cardone University?  There is no greater tool more effective for handling all four of the above steps and is perfect for for developing and building on your A³.  Cardone University has  all four of Grant’s books on audio and can be streamed from any smartphone.  It also has 800 plus video segments with testing that enables you to watch Grant and not only learn from his 30 years of study and experience but also observe his mannerisms, inflections and tone.  There is virtual role-play available as well and it will solve problems for you in real time.  If you can access the internet, you can access Cardone University and use it to build on your skills as a sales professional.  If you have a sales team, nothing is more effective than Cardone University for hiring, on boarding, running sales meetings and real time coaching and employee development.

If you’d like to do a dry run with Cardone University, leave a little info below and we will reach out to you with three days free access and a complimentary opportunity assessment where you will find out exactly where the opportunity for growth is for you and your company and how to maximize it.