4 tips for staying positive throughout the day

Need tips for staying positive?

Grant Cardone is a master at staying positive.  Grant realized very early on in his career that wherever you go, your mind went first.  So it’s vital to make sure you’re staying positive throughout the day.  You got to keep the right thoughts in there.  Positive thinking however is only one piece of the success formula, without the right approach and the right level of action, not a lot of good will happen for you and if you’re negative, it doesn’t matter how much action you take or how solid your approach is, not a lot of greatness will be flowing your way.

4 tips for staying positive throughout the day

tips for staying positive1.  Keep positivity in your face!

The first of 4 tips for staying positive throughout the day is to keep positivity in your face!  If you look at my phones (cell and office) you’ll see a NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED HERE sticker on the receiver.  If you pull down the visor in my car, you’ll see another NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED HERE sticker.  There’s another one (2 actually) on my laptop.  One’s even on my suitcase.  Point being is the old saying, out of sight, out of mind.  You need to keep the idea of staying positive and not allowing negativity into your life in your face!  The media is a constant stream of negativity.  There’s a saying in news organizations, “if it bleeds it leads.”  Ever heard that before?  You’re constantly being assaulted by negativity.  You must protect yourself.

tips for staying positive2.  Set reminders for yourself throughout the day.

The next of these tips for staying positive all day long is to set reminders for yourself.  Find 3 different positive messages you like that inspire you and get you motivated.  They can be anything from a great quote to a short paragraph to an affirmation.  As long as it moves you and stimulates you.  Now use Google calendar or the calendar on your phone to set reminders for you throughout the day.  So for example, there are three Grant Cardone postcards with positive messages on both sides.  One side has the main message and the other side will be a short affirmative message written by Grant.  One of these says, “You’re GREATNESS, Don’t Fight It” and the flip side are affirmation to GREATNESS.

There’s another one which says “Success Is Your Duty, Obligation And Responsibility” and on the other side of that is Grant’s “Success Pledge.”  The third one is the NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED HERE postcard with Grant’s “Be Deaf” poem on the back.  What would you day be like if at 6:30 am every morning you got an email from yourself that said, “You’re GREATNESS, don’t fight it!” and when you open it up 11 affirmations are there for you to use to get your game face on.   Then sometime around 11:30 in the morning you get a reminder that says, “Success is your ethical duty, obligation and responsibility!” And you take the success pledge.  Finally at 4:45 pm comes this “No Negativity Allowed” email with a poem to remind you to rid yourself of all limits.  What kind of impact would that have on your day?

tips for staying positive3.  Write your goals down multiple times a day.

Of these three tips for staying positive, this may be the most powerful and the most under utilized.  For many it may seem too simple or a waste but for Grant, it’s a habit he’s been using to stay positive and motivated for over 25 years.  Now whether you use Grant’s 10X Planner or a legal pad, it makes no difference.  What matters is that you take a few minutes every morning and every evening to write down your goals and your dreams.

“Dreams,” Grant says, “are the fuel for an incredible life.”  You have to take time to dream and dream big.  Set some monster goals and feel what it feels like when it will happen.  Write them down in present tense as if it’s already real.  Start projecting into the future and visualizing it.  As Grant puts it, “if you don’t have goals, and if you’re not focused on those goals everyday, you’re going to spend your whole life making somebody else’s goals and dreams a reality.”

tips for staying positive4.  Wear it.  

The fourth of these tips for staying positive is to wear it.  Look you need constant reminding.  You need it on your person.   There once was a watch on your wrist to remind you of the time, now your phone does that, fill in that empty space with another reminder to use your time to create success for yourself, to keep pushing, to be positive, hustle and do whatever it takes to create the life you want and deserve.  No one can do this for you.  Your success is your own.  It must be earned.

Grant’s formula for success starts with attitude.  You must stay positive and be in the right frame of mind or it doesn’t matter how rock solid your approach is or how much action you take.  If you’re negative, if you’re not positive, if you’re stuck in a state of wanting, you can’t be creating.   Having  your mind on the future and where you’re going keeps you from getting stuck in the past or all hung up on what’s lacking instead of focusing on what’s in front and what’s possible.