Closing the deal: Where the value actually is

Closing the deal

The GREAT Salespeople know that until a close takes place, no real value has been exchanged.

Grant says, “until the ink hits a contract…  there is no exchange, there is no value, there is no true service, the GREATS believe until the deal is closed.”  Everything prior to closing the deal is just relationship building.  Which is important – the value add proposition, what we do, how it works – all necessary and vital…

BUT not as big a deal as them (the client) actually having your product.  If they don’t have the product, if they are not using the service or if they haven’t made a decision yet, they can’t get anything from it.

They can’t enjoy their new home or car or RV until they are in it and using it. You can’t get the benefit of the gym until you join. You can’t watch the movie until you buy the ticket.

The GREAT Salespeople KNOW that until you get your product or service into the hands of the consumer, there’s no real value exchanged.  There is nothing truly significant happening with this client NOR will the customer be truly satisfied.

You can’t create genuine value for your clients without closing the deal.

closing the deal

The best way to be of service to your client is to close them and get them using your product or service.  If you’re struggling with this fact, or need to get this reality dialed in more, hop into either Cardone On Demand or Cardone U and dig into Theory Of Closing.

Or crack open The Closer’s Survival Guide and really get your head right about this.  This is a level of clarity that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you…  even millions…