Top Three Reasons Why Closers Fail

Reasons Why Closers Fail

Top Three Reasons Why Closers Fail

Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do.  If you have a loss or a miss, especially when it comes to closing a deal, there was a specific reason what that didn’t happen.  There are rules to closing that when violated can cost you the deal or gross profit.

#1 Never Attempted Close: Never tried, never attempted. If you don’t swing the bat, then you won’t hit the ball. Always attempt the close.

Practical Exercise:  If you see 100 people, how many do you attempt to close?  What some reasons you have for not swinging the bat?  What would happen if you couldn’t use those excuses anymore?

#2 Pressure is Perceived as a Bad Thing: You’ve been taught that pressure is rude or not appropriate. Erase that notion from your mind. Pressure is required. If you’re 100% sold on your product, it’s your duty to push through all resistance so your prospect can gain the benefit.

Practical Exercise: Write down when and where you learned that pressure is bad thing and why was it taught to you.

#3 Unwillingness to Deal With Emotions: People are emotional. Most of us don’t like to deal with the emotions that are bound to come up between the “no” and the “yes.” Be willing to handle any emotional output from your client.

Practical Exercise:  Get a partner and practice handling dealing with emotions.

Want to know the other seven reasons why closers fail? 

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reasons why closers fail