Making A Difference

Making A Difference

The great salespeople are convinced that what they do is making a difference for their clients, their community and the world!

The GREATS are in – all the way!  Great salespeople are completely sold on their products, service and offering as their purpose.  The GREATS have this ethical duty to get their product and service into the hands of others.

Grant once knew a State Farm Agent (not Jake, in case you’re wondering…  besides, the GREATS never wear khakis at work) who was so connected to his whole life insurance offering that it was like his ethical duty to get this whole life insurance… his job, his product, his service into the hands of customers.

You may not believe that whole life insurance is a good thing, but you can never tell that to this guy.  This guy was completely convinced AND the top producer in the state of Louisiana.  WHY? Because it was his ethical duty.  He had to get his product into the hands of his customers and take care of them.  The GREATS, like this guy, believe in service.

To be one of the GREATS you have to be…

completely sold and completely hooked in.  Not to a commission and not to the money, but to your ethical duty.  Your ethical duty to help people with your product or service and to get that product or service into the hands of your customer.

How sold are you?  How are you making a difference with your product, service, company?

If you need help getting sold, take a look at The Most Important Sale from Sell Or Be Sold or inside Cardone On Demand / Cardone University.  Grant will show you, challenge you and ask the right questions to get completely sold.  This way you are operating on purpose and ethically.

BE GREAT…  cause nothing else pays (much)